guardian angelGood Morning Canonists,

Ever since Margo introduced the idea of angels intervening in our lives, I’ve tried to keep an ear-to-the-ground to insure I didn’t miss a signal or other semi-obvious signs from my angels.

I’m not sure I received any heavenly messages but according to Margo my in-box simply may have been full and unable to access additional messages. I didn’t think God was bound by such things, so who really knows? I’ll tell you this though, when you look for signs of intervention, one’s sensory system becomes elevated causing one to perhaps see signs when there are none. I’ve learned to be very careful.

Generally I divide my time between work, studio, and the bar. Occasionally I’ll wander onto a golf course as it represents the only real exercise in my day to day even if it’s riding in a cart, drinking beer, and walking five feet to my ball. That said, it was also the scene of what I would claim as my first angelic advisory.

I was playing the number four (4) hole at the Meadows course located at the base of the mountains. We were experiencing late-afternoon storms and the wind was gusting 30-40 mph straight out of the north directly in my face, making club selection tough for a 165 yard par three.

I initially pulled out a five (5) iron thinking it would be enough to compensate for the wind. After a few practice swings I looked up at the threatening skies and saw a cloud formation giving me a thumbs-down. Thinking this a fluke I stepped back a moment and again looked up to see the formation was still the same. Instinctively I put the club back into my bag and drew the five (5) metal/wood out and re-approached the tee. I looked up again and this time the clouds formed a discernable thumbs up! I struck the ball cleanly and it remained on a straight line to the pin landing perfectly on the green; leaving me a five (5) foot putt for birdie. I sank the putt giving me three shots on the hole over my opponent who suffered a double bogey.

This happened several times during the round, leaving me in awe and a five (5) shot victory over my boss! I rarely beat Mr. Williams so it was quite a day for ole zuki and immediately ordered a round of drinks at the clubhouse.

The bartender (Carol) is a very attractive woman, and has been working there for a number of years. When she delivered our drinks I distinctly heard a voice telling me to “Go For It.” “Did you hear that?” I asked. Mr. Williams who looked at me like I was crazy and said “hear what?” “Nothing” I replied.

Just then Carol returned asking if we wanted another round. This time she placed her hand on my arm and we locked in a gaze that screamed for me to ask her out. Given what had happened on the course, this had to be a sign!

“Go For It” cried my angel!

As we settled the tab I said good-bye to Mr. Williams then returned to the bar. Carol was in the process of closing the bar as few golfers remained on the course. She saw me and immediately smiled and walked over to me. “Did you forget something?” she asked still smiling. “No, I came back to ask you out” I replied confidently. “Oh dear” came out of her mouth just as I finished my bold statement.

“I’m sorry zuki but I’ve been married 20 years to a wonderful man….yadda– yadda–yadda.” Embarrassed I asked her why she didn’t wear a wedding ring. She explained she’d taken it in to have a new setting made to accommodate a much larger diamond. It was all very awkward so I apologized and walked away. I think I heard her and the waitress snicker, but couldn’t be sure.

This experience confused me. I’m sure Margo could explain the inconsistency but as far as I’m concerned the angels were having fun at my expense and are deserving of having their wings lopped off! This behavior has to be against ‘angel rules’ and would hope disciplinary action is forthcoming. There’s nothing worse than smart-ass’d angels!