LIFE ISN’T FAIR!!…..zuki examines exploitation.

platte-river-reunionGood Morning  Devil’s Own Luck,

I’m sure most everyone spinning on this rock has said from time to time, “life isn’t fair!” The expression is usually uttered in despair or frustration about some ill-fated happenstance causing pain and/or suffering. Having a lifetime of these buzz-kill episodes I no longer mention it as it only reaffirms the obvious. Having said this though, I found myself screaming the phrase along with a few other expletives during my commute from work.

I’m driving north on I-25 headed toward Hampden and needed to change lanes. I hit the blinker and began the process, but when I looked in the rear view mirror a big fat green SUV (I think it was an Escalade) traveling 100 mph plus bore down directly behind me and at the last pico-second eked out just enough clearance from the car I’d just passed and got around before killing me! It was over in micro-seconds but scared the slibgibbers out of me.


I never saw the driver but displayed my middle finger in a prominent gesture signaling my displeasure! For the next five minutes I’m stewing about why pricks like that never seem to get caught, while yours truly gets pulled over for a burnt out license plate light!  THIS IS NOT FAIR!!

I think back to high school (I know waaaaayyyyy back) there were a number of guys that cut school all the time but never got caught. I hooked up with two of these guys for a joy ride to Reno, NV where we snuck in a casino or two and played golf. We scored some beer and headed back to Sacramento and it was one of the best days I ever had in 1966.

But upon my return the first thing the ole’ man did is ask me how school was. I should have figured something was up because he never asked me about school so I lied saying everything was just lovely.  He immediately gets flushed and grabs me under the arm as if to lead me somewhere to which I immediately recoiled asking what was going on.  Not only was I grounded for a month, he read scriptures to me for over an hour explaining why I was going to hell for lying! My partners in crime; nada, nothing; for them it was ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ class of ‘67’ again–NOT FAIR!!!

Why aren’t these things regulated? If there was a God this kind of discrimination would be dispersed evenly with all of us sharing in the pain. Yes, life is indeed not fair. When I hear about some nitwit in West Virginia winning the Powerball not once, but twice, it’s beyond lucky. But what makes this story so maddening is the guy who won (twice) was already a multi-millionaire!  This is not f-ing fair!!

Then there are those 500,000 people that attended ‘Woodstock’ as well as the 500,000 folks that claim to have been there. I on the other hand was in my third week of basic training being punished for poor grades (.69 gpa) and losing my student deferment.  I’d have traded my 2 years and four months in the military to have traveled to Bethel, NY and be part of history! Some would say I got what I deserved, but I’m telling you the entire mess was NOT FAIR!

As I face retirement I look back at how $250,000 minimum was lost to me forever. My friends cooked the books and got caught six years later. Suspending trade, stock prices went from $8.60 to 45 cents overnight. My friends are working on their third million and I’m creating contact sheets. Is that fair? HELL NO IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

I’m sure each of you could produce sad stories that continually torment you even 20 years removed. I’ve tried writing a strongly worded letter, got on my knees and asked God to intervene, stomped my feet, clenched my fist, screamed obscenities, left in a huff, and cheated on my taxes; still nothing is done about it.

There is no God.