FIGURING OUT WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR LIFE….zuki meanders around and finds little help

Good Morning Bunglesome Maladroits,

I trust the 2 or 3 of you reading this bag of gas had 48 hours of bliss because it’s Monday after all. All things being equal I’d prefer to skip Monday if it was in my power to do so. What am I saying here? Of course it’s in my power and could simply walk away focused on nothing else but my art!

Sure it would be difficult to maintain my current lifestyle and sacrifices would have to be made, but I’d no longer need to set my alarm which would be sweet. Let’s explore and think out loud as to how I’d manage to live on a third of what I bring home currently.

At $2,195.00 from Social Security each month


  • Rent – $910.00
  • Phone- $95.00
  • Studio- $300.00
  • Elec- $10.00
  • Food- $350.00
  • Car $80.00
  • Internt $69.00

$2,195.00 –   $1,794.00 =  $401.00 discretionary funds = $13.37 per day

My hope was to make up the difference through selling my porcelain art but after my first year of keeping track, I spent $6,000.00 plus to sell $832.46 worth of stuff! This will help me out with this year’s taxes and the following year but the IRS expects a business to be profitable at some point.

Last night I learned through my Uber driver that one can drive for both companies Lyft & Uber doubling one’s chances of snagging the good rides (fares at $20 plus) and tips. You’re able to cash in after every shift. Working enough hours to collect an additional $1,000.00 a month wouldn’t equal my corporate check, but would go a long way in preventing complete destitution. I did destitution 10 years ago for three years and don’t wish to deal with that again!

The fear of being left to rot is worrisome, but I continue to let hope overcome reason believing I’m going to solve this conundrum. More importantly though my children still love me. I met my boys for a bit of green beer and jocularity Saturday in downtown Denver. They pinned a note to my shirt that read: If you find this man to be lost and confused his name is zuki, please call this number and we’ll come get him.

God bless em!

So time continues to be relentless as we pathetically march toward death; helpless to alter or plug the endless drain of sand from the hourglass. After 68 rotations it’s certainly not over yet, but you sure can see it from here.

I highly suspect the two or three of you still reading this Aesopian spittoon will attest to my lamentations. While there have been moments of clarity, and I cling to those moments as they tend to justify the self-inflicted wounds that beset me. I suppose at the end of the day this eventuality equalizes all of us rich, poor, or indifferent.

Well jeez, I hope I’ve made your Monday a happy slide into the week. It’s uplifting stories like the above that keep a smile on our faces and lighten the load if only slightly. HAPPY MONDAY!