YOU’RE STUPID – NO YOU’RE STUPID – NOT SO YOU’RE STUPID…..zuki actually uses common sense

Good Morning Minatory Advisors,

After this weekend and my subsequent beat-down, I have serious doubts about my self-applied description as an artist. Bullshit! One never listens to others and should always go their own way!

John Lennon told us; my role in society, or any artist’s or poet’s role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all.

Robert Spooner occupies the studio adjacent to my own and is a talented painter as well as a pompous ass!  Generally speaking, most artists have enormous egos and are quick to critique others while pedantically telling all who’ll listen why their opinion matters.

Mr. Spooner got a wild hair up his butt and wandered off his personal reservation and decided to get all Jackson Pollock on us. While there are some examples of wonderfully produced Abstract painting (Pablo Picasso) most novice wannabes speak to color, shapes, foreground, and juxtaposition without much regard to soul or content.

When I arrived at my studio Spooner had a photographer documenting his newly produced abstracts meticulously explaining to the photographer about his new direction. After opening my studio I began to review his collection trying to lend weight to my observations knowing full well he’d ask me what I thought.

I actually believed Spooner would appreciate my candor when I told him that to me I thought them inferior to his other style (quasi-impressionistic) but appreciated his need to change things up.

Instead, he became ashen, lips tightened in anger looking at me like I just defecated on his kitchen table!

Without being invited, he stepped into my much smaller studio and began denigrating my work indicating he didn’t see anything but shapes and recognizable objects we artists usually refer to as imagery. When I pointed out that my “imagery” must be engineered to physically create a three-dimensional object that is far more complex than what he threw on the canvas.

I’ve repeated the above refrain for 30 years because all sculptures including my work must be viewed in 360 degrees of absorption to properly evaluate what it is they’re looking at. 2-D paintings? Not so much!

Generally speaking, I like Robert and welcome his input, but our confrontation was more or less a “You’re stupid” –  “No you’re stupid!” kind of interchange and hardly worth the effort. All this said though, I believe Robert has a thin skin and prefers only compliments when discussing his work. While keeping this in mind for future encounters; “If I can’t say anything nice, I’ll say nothing at all.”


  • James Cushman

    Should have told him to kiss your ass. Because I have met this guy 3 or 4 times and he always comes off as pompous ass. I’ve gone in to his studio a couple of time’s and complemented his work, but he got angry when I said I would never pay that much for any kind of painting, much less a painting of cowboys and there horse’s. 3500.00 dollars , PLEASE. Get me a barf bag……