BACK TO WORK BLUES…….zuki finds shiny objects

Good Morning Bloviators,

Three days into the New Year and I’m already perplexed! Is there ever going to be a time and/or place to be completely satisfied or fulfilled? My thoughts are primarily about tonight’s Power Ball drawing and the likelihood of nailing all the numbers. Given odds of collecting are 1 in 292,201,338  I feel reasonably certain it’s my turn and ready for a philanthropic lifestyle. I bought one ticket!

If the two or three of you left reading this colostomy bag remember to read this my next post, you’ll know I didn’t win. It’s all very exciting to think about but reality aside, I’ve made alternate plans.

Now on with today’s observation:

I just returned to work after a nice long vacation and feeling a bit melancholy as I attempt to re-capture my usual level of energy and tedium that defines me these days. Trust me it’s not easy! I’m easily distracted by shiny things, nipple clamps, and the latest fashions; now consumed with how best to fend off my “back to work blues.” So far so good, but can’t keep my eyes off the clock.

Dragging the dried up Christmas tree to the curb, taking down lights, and putting tinsel and trash in the same bag without regard to separating recyclables helped quite a bit. It actually forces one to say goodbye to Christmas and all the trimmings. Of course, I managed to hang on to my bottle of Strannahan’s as holiday cheer never goes bad.

Being gone three weeks straight has given me a bit of insight into my life when if at all, I should retire. What’s clear to me is that there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll become a raging drunk! Some would argue that I’ve already arrived and only a matter of cirrhosis. My current level of drinking is often described as being a “functional alcoholic.” This alcoholic doesn’t start drinking at dawn and manages to hold down a job along with all the other chores offered up in life’s rich pageant. This obviously differs from your run-of-the-mill drunk hanging out at the “Jesus Saves Rescue Mission.”

In some ways, it was good to be back at your home bar “Where everybody knows your name” surrounded by friends joining in the ongoing jocularity. But having said this, I was a little disappointed when Oldman Murph after hearing of my extended vacation, exclaimed, “Oh…..were you gone?” Ouch!

I just hope we all can “Get back to work” like our whacked out President says he did, then proceed to play golf 5 days in a row! Remember his campaign speech? “I’m working for you and don’t have time for golf!” Everyone knows politicians lie every time their collective lips move, but our good President has taken lying or at best, hyperbole, to unprecedented levels.

All-in-all though….it was a quality experience and wasn’t seriously injured so I plan on doing it again next year only this time head to Duke’s in Honolulu!