Good Morning to all Moribund Thrill Seekers,

Just a brief update: Evidently God doesn’t want me to be happy living the rest of my days in Kona as I hit one number and zippo for yours truly…..jeez 

I just wanted to touch base with the two or three of you still reading this shambolic turd to announce my company has decided to again let the old man teach the youngsters how to work a trade show.

I’m headed to the “City of Brotherly Love” this weekend to attend the International Association of Chief of Police or IACP. This is one of largest shows we attend and perhaps the most important business-wise.

Looking back the last 25 years, these gatherings used to involve our entire sales group. We were young and full of ourselves always looking to have a great time. We prided ourselves on working our asses off but we also played hard; out-drinking each other and our fellow vendors. The winner was always the one last to bed and then could rise to answer the bell for our morning meeting prior to the doors opening and not to bleed-out through one’s eyes!

I know it was a dubious honor, but I won most of the time.

Approaching 68 rotations, these shows no longer serve as platforms for carousing through the wee hours–then suffer the consequences. I’m no longer able to fend off gravity succumbing to its insistence that I lay down!

Mind you I can still throw back a few, but within an ambit of options, I now choose quiet versus revelry.

How very sad this is.

I now possess the experience and knowledge I sought in my youth but morphed into a fossil without the energy to chase prey. “Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.” – Mark Twain

Please don’t misunderstand I’m very much looking forward to being in Philadelphia and will enjoy the three day diversion from my well-entrenched rut. I will still have opportunities to drink to excess, and make overtures to women cops at the hotel bar, just as long as I’m done by 9:00 PM!

There’s a great little piano bar less than a mile from my hotel called “Annie’s” and hope it’s still there. Sunday will be my best opportunity to engage with women of the ‘Woodstock’ generation and perhaps get in a little dancing. It’s probably letting hope overcome reason, but I will be bringing the little blue pill with me.

To paraphrase DuPont, “Better Living Through Chemistry”

Wish me luck!


  • James Cushman

    Have a great time and give them hell.