AHHH FAVA BEANS AND A FINE CHIANTI…..zuki has a bit of jerky

Good Morning Sapid Ones,

The medical establishment generally regards placentas (afterbirth) as biohazardous waste, but to New York City placenta chef Jennifer Mayer, they are a nutrient-laden meat that can alleviate postpartum depression and aid in breast milk production (among other so-far-unverified benefits). Mayer typically sets up in clients’ own kitchens, she told New York magazine for an August story. Some placentas are “really intense, with grief or sadness or uncertainty.” Others might be “joyful,” “big and round.”

Mayer’s method: Drain the blood, blot dry, cook for a half-hour (leaving something resembling brisket), chop into slivers, and dehydrate overnight (rendering it jerky-like). For a popular touch, Mayer then grinds it in a blender and pours the powder into several dozen (one-a-day) capsules.

The very idea of eating one’s “Afterbirth” then assess a mood or emotion from it seems a bit extreme to me, but what doesn’t these days?  What do you say to the nursing staff?  “I’ll take my placenta to go please.”  They return with it wrapped in foil shaped like a swan? You never know though, a little pepper, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, with just a breath of garlic you really might have something.  Red or White wine?