Good Morning Zen Masters,

I had the opportunity to meet many of my friends who worked under my direction a few weeks ago. It was a great party (paid for by the company) and enjoyed immensely all the jocularity and the telling of many ‘on the road’ stories acknowledged to be beyond the statute of limitations.

Given the party was downtown Denver and I being a bit wiser these days; utilized the Light Rail to minimize the risk of a DUI. Midnight makes for very few passengers so I found a seat and relaxed.

In the seat next to me was a tabloid titled “Nexus” Colorado’s Holistic Journal and began to page through it. For the two or three of you still reading this life of soul regression, you’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion, “Where have all the Hippie’s gone?” OMG, there’s an entire market to rape and pillage filled with these lost people of the earth!

“Harmony and understanding; Sympathy and trust abounding; No more falsehoods or derisions; Golden living dreams of visions; Mystic crystal revelation; And the mind’s true liberation; Aquarius! Aquarius!” – 1967 Musical ‘Hair’ by Gerome Ragni & James Rado

“Narcissism in the New Age” the Editor’s Notes, lamented about criticism laid upon the Woodstock generation, quoting a Wall Street Journal article that speculated “It would be a curious America if the unwashed, more or less permanently stoned on pot or LSD, were running very many things–it will be at best a culturally poorer America and maybe a politically degenerated America–Their anarchic approach holds no hope at all, what’s more, they won’t listen!”

I vaguely remember this rhetoric (chemically impaired) but I’ve got news for Ravi Dykema the editor, the 50-year-old WSJ quote is spot on!

I really shouldn’t have been surprised, but was flabbergasted by the articles and the supportive cast of vendors that cater to its readership. The ads makeup 70% of the available space and surround the arcane text exploring how one can unlearn tragedy that affects our mental state.

In an article titled “Magic brain change” the good Phd Richard Bandler says, “We look at these disorders not as mental problems, but as over-learning. Therefore, all we have to do is give people lessons in how to forget things.” That’s like a judge telling the jury to disregard a statement made by the opposition. I look around me studying the “Burnt Weenie Sandwiches” occupying space at ‘curmudgeon corner’ and pray for obliviousness!

What a load of poop! (as it were)

Here’s just a taste of what one can find:

“Institute for the Psychology of Eating” uniting nutrition, nourishment, science, and soul—
“The Rabenheart Center”— A Mystery School
“Highly Sensitive Person Support Group” (perfect for Maria)
“Metaphysical Fair” Colorado Springs (this weekend)

Here’s one for Duncan and most certainly ‘Jimbo’ the bartender. “Radiant Health”—Health begins in the Colon: “…improve your physical and mental health as well as support your emotional and spiritual self. My clients repeatedly ‘share’ with me how their lives have been graced with positive and ‘uplifting’ experiences due to colon cleansing…”

God only knows what evil lurks in the colons of men, and dare not allow me to think of the putrescent defilement boiling within the bowels of the aforementioned associates. It’s good to know they’ve got someplace to seek help.

Having reviewed this publication it confirms what I’ve maintained for many years now; my country is being run and policies set by hippies and/or their children. The idea of ‘pixies’ and Santa Clause remain firmly entrenched in their minds leaving little doubt about their collective ability to mitigate problems without consulting an Astrologer!

Oh—I almost forgot. I’ve signed up to become a ‘Certified’ Life Coach’ in two days!