“IN JEST, THERE IS TRUTH”……..zuki explores the well timed fart

Don RickelsGood Morning Nefarious Infidels,

Surveying 100 people randomly in the streets of a major city (500,000 plus people), asking who was more creative; Woody Allen or Mel Brooks, it would be a tossup. I think the both of them are comedic geniuses, yet, there’s a difference in presentation I cherish. The two of them collaborated with Sid Cesare to create the “Show of Shows” becoming a #1 TV show in the early 50’s. The Jewish-ness aside, it was clever writing and most times funny. It still translates today if one happens to be over sixty and still enjoys a well-timed fart!

Writing anything is to describe something. It can either be informative, funny, or boring. Rarely does it involve all three. Yet once in our lifetimes, we’re allowed to observe Picasso while he fusses over a coffee stain; allowing a rare glimpse at genius.

Acknowledging the two or three of you still reading this sibylline, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed torturing your friends and colleagues with an insult quickly followed by “I was just kidding” while smiling. The remarks are caustic, yet do no harm. Having said this, Shakespeare told us, “In jest, there is truth.” This continues to haunt me. Essentially this axiom outlines how all of us at times will get away with murder under the guise of ‘just kidding.’ As long as you smile when calling them a wretched phallic vacuum, how could they be offended?

‘Curmudgeon Corner’ has survived over 12 years based on the above principle without seriously wounding anyone. There were those of us that got their thin-skinned feelings hurt and then removed themselves from the barstool and leave in a huff. Yet with the exception of a few, they always come back for more.

From my own personal experience, I find it much easier to get away with the above the older I get. In my 67th rotation, I don’t even need to smile after my delivery….as most will dismiss the insult as a “Get off my lawn” moment and may take the time to wave and smile at me. Jeez.

As we approach ‘Father’s Day’ I’d like to challenge you to see how many insults one can deliver without getting your ass kicked.

Happy Father’s Day!