BELLY BUTTON BIODIVERSITY & OLD TIRES……..zuki finds little to brag about

cat belly button assGood Morning Organic Ones,

The Belly Button Biodiversity project at North Carolina State University has begun examining the “faunal differences” in the microbial ecosystems of our navels, to foster understanding of the “tens of thousands” of organisms crawling around inside (almost all benign or even helpful). An 85-year-old man in North Carolina may have “very different navel life” than a 7-year-old girl in France, according to a May Raleigh News & Observer report. So far, only the organisms themselves and the host’s demographics have been studied; other issues, such as variations by hairiness of navel, remain.

What the study also failed to mention were the countless individuals discovering their own navels. I mean have you really looked closely at your belly button? I suspect this largely depends on whether or not you possess an ‘Inny’ or an ‘Outy’ The ‘Inny’ is prone to catch loose change, gum, and in one case a fat teenager found a missing ashtray! ‘Outies’ tend to trap the more normal fare such as lint and bird seed.

Over the weekend get your partner to position a lamp shining directly into your button. Using a magnifying glass have your partner take a close look to see what might be hidden there. Gregg Glouster of Quincy, MA. found an old ‘Indian Head’ nickel valued at $1,200!

Who says buried treasure can only be found in the dirt? I possess a huge ‘Inny’ and look forward to finding a few socks that were lost during laundry duty last year..

Have a great weekend and Good Hunting!