AS IT TURNS OUT I AM A ROLE MODEL…..zuki is truly mystified and humbled

Role ModelsGood Morning Voluble Impuissance,

As we move closer to the ‘dog days’ and look toward Labor Day, it occurred to me that perhaps we all have unfinished business on our collective doorsteps. If you can remember a few postings ago the power had shut down and I took a walk around the ‘herbal’ organic businesses surrounding my hovel.

Evidently when I sat in on a women’s pagan support group and inadvertently disrupted it, one of the attendees remembered my name and looked me up on Facebook. She was moved by my honesty and says the incident has turned her life around. Look, I’m as shocked as you are, but here’s an excerpt from her email to me:

“…As it turned out, a few weeks after you broke up the meeting, I attended another workshop on “Uplifting Lesbian Encounters.” Sitting on the other side of the room was Jillian. She was my very first lover from college some fifteen years ago! We had a terrible break up and figured I’d burned the bridge in the process, so I never attempted to contact her.

I thought about the courage you displayed in being completely open and honest and felt I needed to again possess those attributes. At the end of the session, I just asked her if I could speak to her. Very simply I told her how sorry I was that I had hurt her; that it was nothing she had done but something that was wrong with me; that if I could do it over, I would do it differently; and with all the sincerity I could muster, I apologized. She was so gracious and forgiving, and I knew immediately I had finally done the right thing. Within an hour all my aches and pains melted away and felt like a great weight had been lifted from me; Jillian had learned much. I just thought you should know…”

We just don’t know how our actions will affect others do we? It’s a big responsibility! I know Charles Barkley maintains “I’m not a role model” but one doesn’t need to be famous to be an example for good or for bad. Look I don’t want to rant on about being a good example because I’m pretty sure ‘that ship has sailed.’ But for the two or three of you still reading this sackcloth and ashes it’s not too late! Stand out in a crowd! Make your-self heard! And for you curmudgeons, show a little backbone and say something nice!

I felt this was all very timely. During our emergency meeting held last Sunday one of our own took it upon themselves to describe for our new female bartender reasons NOT to go out with me!

The personal assault was unprovoked and clumsily delivered. There was no discussion of going out nor was it contemplated, so I suspect it has much to do with one’s ability to hold one’s liquor as anything. This old associate once again fell back on the old ‘truth in jest’ syndrome that they were ‘just kidding.’ “Methinks thou dost protest too much” as this sad sack is constantly stirring things up more than anyone I know. It’s clear they mask their own frustration; never tasting the fruits of success (not necessarily monetary) watching life shrivel beneath every step is like poison in that it has an accumulative effect. Ultimately one finally makes peace with mediocrity.

Just remember the next time you decide to shit in someone else’s flat-hat simply to obdurate dreams, it might have dire consequences!