RUNNING TOWARD THE ARMS OF BACCHUS……zuki swears to a momentary lapse

bacchusGood Morning Discursive Mavens of Mixed Media,

While my youngest son was diagnosed with A.D.D. and personally witnessed the effectiveness of Adderall, I’m positive I also had and perhaps still suffer from this malady. Even in my advanced years I believe keeping focused on a single task until completion will challenge me the rest of my days. But having said this, I really don’t have much of a choice. Create and produce or live in abject poverty!

After five years of working in my studio and now facing retirement I’ve finally realized I’ll not supplement my retirement with my “ART.”  I’ve sold a piece here and there but hardly consistent enough to give up my real job. So what remaining days left to me will be spent designing and developing porcelain work with a much broader appeal and sell it through Etsy or other online distribution points.

What I didn’t realize is how crowded this market has become so I’ve gone the route of customization and now have at least one product line almost ready to go. Trouble is there are many variations of the same theme and can’t decide which one makes the most sense.

I’m only mentioning this so that the two or three of you reading this gormless happenstance will come to this realization sooner rather than later.

To be honest here, I’ve had this discussion with myself on more than one occasion only to slide back into the slothful mis-use of my available time sitting at the bar. While I’m not advocating sobriety, rather moderation in a realistic attempt to focus on the most important things first…..MY RETIREMENT!

I recently moved (AGAIN) into a new studio. It’s a massive four-building complex of not only art studios but little entrepreneurial efforts such as custom bicycles, woodworking, Blacksmith, leather, engineers under contract with Raytheon, and even a Whiskey distillery! Most of these people are making money from their respective skills and is an excellent resource for those of us that want to join that group.

As a matter of fact for those of you looking for studio space there is one available and won’t be advertised until end of June. Contact Linda…. She and her husband Don are committed to their own success as well as their many tenants working there. This is not an easy task because in general “Artists” tend to be the most thin-skinned people on earth.

Changing venues and absorbing the new surroundings offers a perfect opportunity to once again spend less time ensconced in the arms of Bacchus and more time working on what’s important.