DO WE REALLY NEED BREAST FEEDING DOLLS?…….zuki runs away highly confused

Adèle-nursing-babyGood Monday Morning Hypnagogic Ones,

Berjuan Toys is already selling its Breast Milk Baby online ($70) and expects to have it in stores later this year. The doll works by the child-“mother” donning a halter top with flowers positioned as nipples, and when the baby comes into contact with the a flower, sensors mimic sucking sounds.

Although dolls that demonstrate toileting functions are already on the market, breastfeeding activists are more enthusiastic about this one, hopeful that girls’ comfort with breastfeeding will result in decreased bottle-feeding later on. (Opponents have denounced the doll as forcing girls to “grow up” too soon and with choices too complicated for their age, which according to the manufacturer is as young as three.

The above story is true yet a bit confusing to me.  In this world of terrorists, thieves and a teetering economy do we really need dolls to simulate breast feeding?  I can certainly understand how rubber benefits our lives and spearheads the multi-billion dollar sex toy industry, but showing a three year old girl how to be milked hardly qualifies as a parenting skill!  Having said all this and footle aside, I can see where this is going.

The A.C.L.U. along with Cush’s beloved Teamsters Union will file a class action suit against Berjuan Toys for sex discrimination.  The basis for taking legal action stems from their claim that Berjuan is leaving our little boys out. There’s been plentiful documentation regarding males both human and animal breast feeding their young.  The doll predisposes the act of nurturing to women eliminating the male from this activity.  The male breast feeding ‘action figure’ can’t be far behind.  Jeez.