PHOTO SHOP HAS AN UGLY SIDE……”revenge is a dish best served cold”

revengeGood Morning Cut & Paste,

I read an article yesterday morning that caused me to ponder a bit. The article was about a number of coeds attending CSU and CU that are being stalked over the Internet. The twisted soul that has no doubt never been laid takes innocent photos of these young women at considerable distance then superimposes them onto carnal and highly graphic scenes and then post them on the web. Packages including highly salacious letters are sent to family, friends, and significant others. Evidently they’re so well done the coeds are hard pressed to explain them.

In some way I envy this cankered skill as it could be a new source of leverage against the morons that sit in our nations legislature. This cyber stalking by freaks, thieves, and nitwits has elevated my curiosity.  It’s been said, that for someone just acquiring a computer, or a new Internet connection is like a child being sent into a dark alley alone without any conversation regarding the dangers there in.  It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

I did a little research and found that out of approximately 120 million (2010 stats) internet users in just the US and Canada, 8.1% of the women surveyed has experienced some form of cyber stalking.  More surprising was that 2.2% of men have also suffered this experience! I’m going to assume it’s a man on man thing but nevertheless it’s disturbing. While 8.1% doesn’t sound like much, it represents a little over 9.7 million women!

For the two or three of you reading this inconsequential dooky, I want to make it clear I DO NOT condone such activity, rather I do relish the idea of composing such images for the noble purpose of extortion! Think of the power one could wield; it staggers the imagination! Not just for the money either.  Righting wrongs, justice for assholes, and furthering political agendas would be my purpose in life. The mastery of cut and paste has the potential for being an extension of services offered by private investigators. You take out an ad in the Yellow Pages and put up a website and you’re in business! “GET REVENGE NOW…NO WAITING…” You could charge according to how dastardly and damning the image is or where and how often it’s placed. I can personally think of hundreds of people that deserve to have their lives ruined and this seems like the perfect vehicle for it.

My Banker is a good example.  With one phone call or memo he could ruin me. But given there’s nothing to gain by such actions, I feel pretty safe for now. However, let’s just say for the sake of discussion, he decides to ruin me. I concoct an image file of him naked in some sleazy motel with a number of 6 year olds (not a big stretch here) that look damn convincing. You mail a packet that includes the cut and pasted image along with details of where and when to his wife, boss, and associates then let human nature take its course. GOD WHAT FUN IT WOULD BE!  The beauty of such a service is that the scenario could be changed allowing the torture to go on indefinitely! It makes my nipples hard just thinking about it!

My research also indicated there are pretty stiff punishments and fines if one is caught. Obviously a pretty elaborate code and front would have to be established as to not arouse suspicion, so there’s a risk.  But the money one could make by turning conjured accusations into a reality simply for revenge would be substantial as well as therapeutic.

There’s a Photoshop class at the community college for $350….I’ve signed up.