“LIFE IS SHORT AND THEN YOU DIE”……..zuki sees it coming

sparky strokeGood Morning Victims of Enfeebled Turpitude,

Those of you that have reached 65 rotations hoping for a few more have witnessed a serious diminishing of our ‘Rock n Roll’ idols that have leaped from this rock. Most have lost battles with insidious diseases such as cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s, or heart attacks. Others have gone out with self-inflicted wounds mostly from drug overdoses.

From Jan 2015 to date we’ve lost Frank Gifford, Yogi Berra, Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Taylor, Johnny Winters, Allen Toussaint, Chris Squire, BB King, David Bowie, Glenn Fry, Alvin Lee, Paul Kantner, Keith Emmerson, Prince, George Martin, Maurice White, and Dan Hicks. There are plenty more less famous deaths but I think you get the idea.

I bring this up because as death goes it’s getting closer to home, causing me to take stock of my own neglected health issues.

Last week I met with ‘Sparky’ & Joe for drinks at Blondie’s and little did I know it was to be the last time I’d see ‘Sparky’ as himself. I think nothing of not seeing or hearing from friends for two or three days and wouldn’t even consider they might need help. ‘Sparky’s’ best friend and cohort Steve reached out to us to inquire as to ‘Sparky’s’ whereabouts now raising a mild concern.

Steve and Sparky’s sister drove to his condo and knocked on the door. ‘Ike’ Sparky’s 120 lb Rottweiler was barking wildly but nobody answered the door. After securing ‘Ike’ the property manager opened the door to find ‘Sparky’ lying face down on the floor. It was determined he’d suffered a stroke.

He’s lost the use of one side of his body and unable to speak. They found him on Friday so we suspect he’d been incapacitated some 48 hours. Doctors tell you that it’s imperative to get victims to a hospital right away to increase chances of a full recovery. Sparky is only getting 50% of the blood flow needed to oxygenate his brain and is inoperable. The prognosis is pretty grim.

This kick to the groin from ‘life’s rich pageant’ has me concerned. I always shy away from doctors as it always seems to be bad news. Their orders to keep sober, lose weight, and maintain a healthy life-style and diet is a repeated refrain. I’d like to think I’ve improved on everything but drinking. I see my icons dropping like flies but typically attribute that to “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” and not my simple carousing.

I feel awful about my friend ‘Sparky’ and part of me hopes he’ll stabilize and survive while another part hopes he will die peacefully instead of drooling in a wheelchair the rest of his days.

I will be filling out my own DO NOT RESUSCITATE paperwork this week. I’d suggest the two or three of you still reading this jeremiad do the same.