TALK, TALK, TALK,…….what’s happened to the art of conversation?

couple pissedGood Morning Provokers of Confabulation,

In my 60 some rotations, I’ve come to realize how farcical life’s rich pageant really is. I had the occasion to witness a married couple or so it seemed sitting at the table directly across from mine. In 30 minutes the couple may have exchanged one or two sentences. It appeared they had nothing to say to each other.

A few years ago I watched a similar travesty unfold on one of my trips to paradise. A couple celebrates an anniversary or other special occasion by taking an expensive trip to enjoy the palatable delights of Hawaii, and virtually ignore one another! I was pathetically alone having a little breakfast and filling my senses with sights, sounds, and smells of this precious place when I noticed a couple sitting nearby. I guessed them to be in their thirties and no doubt married for 10-15 years. She was quite fetching and was blankly staring off, while he was reading a newspaper. I sipped pure Kona coffee and hung around for an hour; they never exchanged one word in that time!

How does a relationship get to that point? I personally can’t fathom it. Then again, not knowing the couple personally, this seeming endless stretch of silence may have been a blessing and daily understanding. However, it’s been my experience while on vacation, that it normally provides an opportunity to communicate with one another, and consequently clear the air on hostilities held within.  It might have been just one of those moments, but I suspect not.

God, if I ever have the opportunity or misfortune of a serious love again, it’ll be with someone I could have a conversation with under any circumstance. No please shut up; I’m not going to marry Cush. Some of you will never appreciate the significant other in your life, and will no doubt live in numbness the rest of your days. To me, this would represent a far greater tragedy than living alone. What a waste!