COVERING “DAVID” FOR MADMAN JIHADIST…..zuki looks for ‘wayback’ machine

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Good Morning Crusaders of Vicissitude,

For those of you that follow the news and able to filter through the political rhetoric and bombast may remember a couple weeks ago when the Italians covered up their naked statues to protect Iranian President Hassan Rouhani from having to avert his gaze. Most were antiquities from the Greek and Roman empires and boxes were built to cover those statues displaying genitalia and/or breasts. The hall was filled with 7 foot monoliths making it look like a scene from “Space Odyssey.”  Even “Capitoline Venus,” a Roman copy of a legendary fourth century B.C. work by Praxiteles was regrettably covered.

What seems to be the problem Italia? I’ve always felt the Italians were progressive thinkers because they’re continually counted among the international literati and perineal leaders in design, fashion, and the visual arts. Now I wonder what their national identity really is!

Initially I thought it was a one off occurrence involving a government aide trying to accommodate a Jihadist’s sensitive nature. But just last week a blood drive was also held in the Capitoline Museum. While the boxes weren’t drug from storage, but someone else felt the need to put paper flowers over the many statues and their “naughty parts.”

“The problem is that those statues — yes, those icons of classicism and models of humanism — are the foundation of European and Mediterranean culture and civilization,” the columnist Michele Serra wrote in La Repubblica. To conceal them, he wrote, “is to conceal ourselves.” To not offend the Iranian president, he wrote, “we offended ourselves.”

How did Italy descend so dramatically from being the center of the ‘Renaissance’ from the early 14th century through the 17th century; enlightening the world; to putting boxes over eidolons of the civilized world?  Rouhani came to Italy and should have been content to bask in the Italian culture rather than demand naked marble is censored. Jeez….even the Pope refused to cover the Vatican’s many Crucifix’s when greeting Rouhani!

Ironically Iran censors everything and is generally despised by the civilized world and yet the Italians felt they needed to kowtow to this butcher!


Maybe I’m being too hard on Renzi’s spineless administration, because after all political correctness has run amok and represent worldwide idiocy. Perhaps Italy’s behavior is merely a reflection to the depths to which we’ve collectively sunk.  Jeez