BEING AN ARTIST TAKES CASH FLOW…..zuki gets a glimpse into retirement

Mobile ChapelGood Morning Eudemonic Seekers of Truth,

For the two or three of you that actually noticed, I was on vacation for three weeks and have neglected this our humble website. With the exception of five days spent with my brother’s family and sainted mother, every day was spent at my studio in the RiNo Art’s District in north Denver. Two separate things happened: One, I got a lot of work done and perfected a firing system for porcelain jewelry that can’t touch a shelf, post, or be marked by annoying spikes. Secondly, and perhaps just as important, I discovered the neighborhood surrounding my new studio space.

Walking the three blocks to the “Hutch” coffee shop I was struck by a heavy bass guitar backbeat coming from an old converted tractor-trailer anchored next to a warehouse. It’s evidently a church on Sunday mornings as I noticed the blend of “Millennials” and old “Hippie’s” going inside inspired by the old Doobie Brothers song, “Jesus is just alright with me.” I got my card stamped (free cup every 5th visit) and enjoyed the warmth my coffee provided as it was 18 degrees outside. There must be more coffee shops per-capita than anywhere else on earth!

My extended vacation gave me a brief glimpse into my retirement and it scared the shit out of me! While I was putting in six to nine hours of work, I found myself enjoying Stranahan’s Blended Whiskey (have a bottle in studio) and/or hitting Blondie’s earlier than ever! Left to my own devices I may not survive a lengthy retirement. That said, I also enjoyed being a full-time artist. For three weeks I was able to carefully examine my ongoing designs and not feel rushed into a decision given the usual 48 hour window of a weekend.

I really enjoyed the pace of this time. I was free to come and go as I pleased, sipping my coffee over a newspaper (yes they still have a daily paper in Denver) and facilely blend into the day; feeling energized by the objectives set for myself. I could get used to this pace and change of focus but unfortunately it will take cash flow to replace my corporate salary…..hummm does this sound familiar? If I don’t implode from self-inflicted wounds, I have a two year plan to accomplish this heady telluric lifestyle.

So for all you artists subsidized by your ‘real’ jobs please take note. If you don’t have the means to support being an ‘artist’ you should immediately develop and get used to the idea of distribution, inventory, and marketing marketable items. If I may suggest, partner up with someone you know that runs a business. It doesn’t have to be Walmart…..but running a sustainable business will take being familiar with these processes and can provide a solid foundation for your endeavors.

But for now……I have a meeting with my boss I must prepare for. This will involve setting sales goals for this new year. Go ahead and say it….I know you’re thinking it, reality simply sucks!!!