DARTH VADER SAVES VLADIMIR LENIN….zuki disavows communist ties….

darthvaderGood Morning Convivial Friends,

With the insidious annexation and influence peddling Russia is currently engaged in, it’s easy to understand why the Ukraine is upset. Supporting this was an article about Ukraine’s “De-communization” of all icons, symbols, and art. At the base level I sympathize with their plight, but torches and pitchforks at everything Communist…really…? To actually pass laws allowing for the destruction of all communist icons and artifacts is extreme even for a former Soviet Block country.

Putin is doing his best to restore Russia to the days of Khrushchev and Brezhnev and seems impervious to Western influences, so it’s no wonder the Ukraine government wants to see all remnants of Communism destroyed! While I appreciate Ukraine’s struggle it does NOT justify destroying artwork. In fact, NOTHING justifies destroying art. Certainly there are many works deserving of a good fire, but as Pope Francis says, “Who am I to judge?”

The story did have a happy ending though in that in the city of Odessa, Ukraine a statue of Vladimir Lenin erected in post-World War II Ukraine was scheduled for dismantling. Regardless of political persuasions or personal taste, I find it unconscionable when any art is willfully destroyed because of religious zealotry or for any reason! The assholes known as ISIS continue to destroy irreplaceable artifacts and ancient ruins binding innocents to them prior to blowing them up; simply because Allah told them so. Idiots defacing or altering art work because the art is in support of abortion or other socio-political causes deserves to be shot on site! No trial, no due process, if one is caught in the act he/she is gunned down without pause….of course it helps to motivate shooters if there’s a reward!

Alexander Milov a local Odessan artist obviously feels the same way as he devised a plan to save poor Lenin from the foundry fire! He fabricated a Darth Vader helmet replacing the head of Vladimir while imbedding free wi-fi within the helmet; instantly disqualifying the statue as a Communist icon! Quick thinking Alexander!

The “Artist” is a much neglected source of ideas and energy. It’s only recently they’re being recognized for their problem solving abilities. For example the Mayor of Los Angeles is looking for an artist to help design ad campaigns and develop creative signs that get a reader’s attention regarding traffic/pedestrian safety. Businesses are at an ever increasing rate hiring artists to design meeting rooms and/or reception areas enhancing their public appeal and corporate branding.

So for the two or three of you still reading this tumescent piffle remember the artist. They’re not hard to find, and their work is readily displayed on the Internet, galleries, and even on the corner store wall. Go ahead and off-load your complex problems and identify the more salient issues, and then sit down with an artist and his sketch pad and a No. 2 pencil to work through them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the proper visual image will render all concerns and issues innocuous.

Take an artist to lunch!