INSPIRATION HITS ZUKI ACROSS THE MOUTH!….ketle one invokes a solution

Ketel-One-Vodka-lgGood Morning Galenical Shamans,

Is there such a thing as ‘writer’s cramp’ for artists or its equivalent?  I highly suspect so but have not heard a coin of phrase describing such within my limited exposure to art. Whatever you call it, I’m suffering from it. This may be one of the detriments of art as a part-time endeavor.

I started a piece with the design and concept clearly developed in my mind, but when finished it was a complete and utter failure! I never made the final assembly. For three months I’ve been staring at the base; clueless as how to finish it. The hexagon shaped brick structure is wide at the base narrowing to a small opening at the top for a total of 18 inches. It was designed to support a totem of three smaller proportioned vignettes. When I trashed my original idea but still liked the base, I entered hell.

The immediate problem and something my 2-D artists friends don’t always appreciate, is that sculpture for the most part is seen from all angles! One must walk completely around the work to see it properly. This usually invites discussion or in my case, a fist fight. The work should entice the viewer to explore, revealing its secrets 360 degrees at a time. If there’s no interest in exploring the work, then either the artist failed or the viewer was oblivious!

Over the long weekend I filled my kitchen trash can with discarded sketches creating a bit of a fire hazard. I traveled the mile to Blondie’s my neighborhood watering hole yesterday looking to vodka as a source of inspiration….Lord knows I tried everything else!

I’m not advocating vodka as a problem solver per se’, but in my case and while in a drunken stupor the answer came to me like a slap in the face! Actually a female patron did slap me for something I said. I don’t remember exactly what triggered such violence, but reasonably sure it was regarding the tent she was wearing.. I digress. It was shortly after being slapped the answer came to me at last!

The Fibonacci sequence of course! “Like every sequence defined by a linear recurrence with constant coefficients, the Fibonacci numbers have a closed-form solution.” Within the context of art the “Golden Ratio” allows a tried and true methodology for spacial relationships within a larger confining border.

One never knows where and how an idea will come to them, but I’d like to thank ‘Ketle One’ and the large woman who slapped me facilitating a long awaited move forward; lifting a great weight!


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