CLAY IS MOVING ON UP……..zuki is pleased to announce clay went mainstream

Good Morning Artists who happen to do Clay,Art sunburst pendant

While “Art News” prides itself as being the most pedantic publication in the world, and is at times unreadable, but it did provide some shocking news. I have met 2D artists who actually believe their fecal matter smells of Lavender and is after all a genius worthy of adoration. The headline that got my attention exclaimed….


I’m sorry perhaps I missed it. Will someone explain to me when clay left the mainstream? Where was I and how long has it been since clay left? Really? I’m relieved to hear this news!

To be fair there’s been a long running debate regarding utility versus art and never will cups and saucers be considered fine art! Production potters still struggle to claim legitimacy as at times, they’re forced to wear the moniker of ‘craftsperson’ even though their work is well designed, flawlessly glazed, and function without a single misstep. But don’t you dare call it art. I’m guessing this is where Ms. Lei is coming from in her 2014 article. production dinnerware

She insisted in 2005 there were few “artists” working in clay and according to the article 2D artists are gravitating to clay as a medium versus a treated canvas! I can see it now….”I’m not a ceramic artist…I’m an artist who happens to be working in clay!” Let’s collectively genuflect to Andy Warhol’s grave and thank our lucky stars that “artists” have found clay again….blessing our humble medium by announcing clay has finally forded the mainstream.

My God this is wonderful news!