DIATRIBE GETS NEW CLOTHES……zuki says to eat more art

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood Morning Seekers of Truth and Light,

If by chance you happen to be remnants of the two or three that read my blog of fictional flatulence I apologize for what might be perceived as a 180.  Prior to my foray into the blogosphere I’ve always wanted to be an artist!  At this point in my life it doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa, but something just for me.

Not that it matters much but I did earn a BFA from BYU and rode a full 2 yr scholarship at Idaho State to snag a Master’s degree from a reluctant newly installed Department head Tony Martin.

This cultured risibility should be encased with real enthusiasm and joy so at the very least the observer is either amused or disgusted.  Being indifferent shouldn’t be an option, so if it happens I either failed or the observer’s head is scheduled for removal in an emergency colonoscopy.

For you purists that accidently found this page and still reading this desperate cry for help, you’ll notice I have been influenced greatly by both Robert Arneson and David Middlebrook who’ll be featured often on this site.  I should clarify it was David’s early work in clay that blew me away.  But over the years he decided the unpredictability of working in clay was more than he could take and now works in stone, metal, and other mediums not placed in a 2300 degree kiln.

I will be transforming this site as quickly as my I.T. Advisor and son has the time and patience to guide me through it.  Hopefully it’s fun, educational, and above all interesting.  I may fall short from time to time but know this:  I always mean well!  So check in on me in the hope I’ve made progress from your previous visit and pray with me that it blossoms into a site centered on art and being an artist.


  • Vinny

    Congrats Marzuki! Hope your new art site is a success!