ZUKI COMES UP BLANK…….inspiration goes someplace else

bulbGood Morning Builders of Things,

I was looking for inspiration for today’s posting as I’ve been suffering from grand illusions.  These self-administered vision quests tend to be all absorbing because I feel my life will change for the better!  Can you believe that even after 65 rotations I’m still that naïve? Thank God there are enough shoes ready to drop, reality checks and naysayers to keep this in check.  This all reminds me of what Mark Twain said, “Why shouldn’t truth be stranger than fiction?  Fiction, after all, has to make sense.”  That’s the rub!  Things rarely make sense!

Like sitting in a screening room…yes I’ve been in one, visual images rolled by as I went down the list of usual suspects; Blondie’s, work, dating, studio, and the day to day ridiculousness that makes up life’s rich pageant–yet continued to come up blank.  What do I write about?

Evidently, and according to medical web sites there is NO medical affliction that causes “Writer’s Block!”  I’m reasonably certain the two or three of you reading this nasal drip have on occasion suffered from this malady.  You remember….well maybe not…depending on the last time you sat down to write a letter (do people write letters anymore?)….wait don’t go…please hear me out.  You’ve stared at a blank screen or sheet of paper for hours typing and deleting, walking around, looking out a window, until finally you go back to “Candy Crush” something you really understand!

I literally can’t get started because I can’t decide on what story I’d like to tell.  Eventually I’m jammed before I even start!  While completely observational, I think the problem stems from my dependency on the same sources over and over again. I cling to these for inspiration and input. Simply stated, I’ve gone to the well much too often.

When I don’t feel it I question the story’s importance and am reluctant to waste your time as well as mine.  Yet I persevere….

I have zillions of ideas but can’t commit to any of them, so they all fizzle out.  There are those ideas that don’t last beyond a few paragraphs, and then there’s the idea I thought could be a novel, but can’t even put a short story together.  The thing is, ideas are dime a dozen; at best pedestrian some would say, so that one idea that gets me fired up with goosebumps running down my spine itching for the keyboard are less forthcoming but no doubt hiding in plain sight.  I just have to keep looking!

I was on a roll the day before, a free flowing whirlwind of promising developments and clever bits. And then when I open Word today I have no idea where any of it was going.  I thought I’d left things in a great place to pick up the ball and keep running, and now I can’t even see the next step.

As you may have surmised I’m at a loss for words today.  I promise to bear down and come up with something fabulous for the next posting.  Meanwhile on your next attempt to write, just go ahead on back to the well.


  • Zuki

    Nice….very helpful…now who are you?

    • bagwan1

      You know who I am.

  • bagwan1

    JJ and I held an emergency teleconference about this problem of yours. The meeting opened with me suggesting that you write about something you know well or something you cared about passionately. The meeting then closed with JJ suggesting I go look up “ignorance” and “apathy.”