BAGWAN EXPLAINS ST JOSEPH’S DAY……zuki says drinking needs no explanation

Just Joe's personal altar
Just Joe’s personal altar

Good Morning Magniloquent Revelers,

As he often does, our very own Bagwan in his typical pedantic fashion felt the need to dwell among we the unwashed to prevent further embarrassment.  We owe him much for his tireless pursuit of truth & light thus nurturing the uncouth, both  in manners and procedures.  He felt it important to ensure continuity on the upcoming holidays.  Please take a look and if possible read his illustrative decantation and enjoy:


There are two big holidays coming up this week, St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 and St. Joseph’s Day on March 19. I am guessing that all of our readers know what they are supposed to do on St Patrick’s Day but maybe are a little less sure of how to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph. Well that is why we are here, to make sure you never miss a chance to celebrate and more importantly to celebrate appropriately.

Just to review the symbols of St. Patrick’s Day still include shamrocks, green beer (with subsequent green bowel movements), vomit and sobriety check points. I first started celebrating St. Paddy’s over 40 years ago in my 20’s at a place here in Denver called Duffy’s Shamrock Bar. Duffy was long gone by then and the place was run by a couple of “Irishmen” suspiciously named Lombardi. My friends and I used to arrive before 8:00 am in order to beat the crowd. It is hard to describe the raucous nature of this event but it got so raucous that the Lombardi’s quit opening at all on St. Patrick’s. I guess I decided that was a sign from God and I gave up too. It had just become one of those days when people try too hard to have fun, not to mention it had become one of those days when the local police went out in force looking for those people. For old time’s sake I did have Brian over at the Sporting News pour a little green food dye in my Chardonnay last year.

The lesser known event is St. Joseph’s day or the Feast of St. Joseph. Of course Just Joe gets very excited for this day, not just because of his name sake but because the celebration is built around food. I have copied and pasted the history here:

During a famine in Sicily, when food was scarce and many people were starving, the poor people had only their faith to rely on. St. Joseph was known as the protector of the Holy Family and Italians had strong family relationships, so they prayed for St. Joseph to intercede for them so they could have successful crops. Their prayers were answered, and the famine came to an end. In gratitude, people promised to make annual offerings of their most precious possession – food – in St. Joseph’s honor.

Today, the faithful erect “St. Joseph Tables,” which are set to honor St. Joseph. They are filled with beautiful and often elaborate foods, including meatless dishes such as stuffed artichokes, pasta and fish, as well as breads, cookies, pastries, cakes and other delicacies. Each table is blessed by a priest and presided over by a statue of St. Joseph. A stalk of lily blossoms, votive candles and a lace tablecloth are other typical items used to decorate the feast table.

When you visit a St. Joseph’s table, you often receive gifts of fava beans and breads. Fava beans play an integral part of the celebration because this was the food that saved the Sicilians from starvation. The bean is said to bring good luck, and it is believed that if the St. Joseph’s bread is kept in the home, the family will never starve.

Many Sicilian immigrants (including my own grandfather) entered this country through New Orleans and as a result the city really goes all out for its St. Joseph’s Day celebration including a parade. You combine that with the fact that every day in New Orleans looks like a St. Paddy’s day celebration and it becomes obvious that if you are feeling like a party, that would be the place.

I doubt these two events are going to alter much around Curmudgeon Corner.  They aren’t going to drink any more on St. Patrick’s than they usually do because no one can drink more than they usually do. As far as St. Joe’s goes, good luck finding one of those tables set up around Littlewood.

Oh well, it’s unlikely that all the fava beans and shamrocks in the world are going to change the luck of that crowd.


  • zuki

    Ohhhhhhh…..this explains why the Dv’ant doesn’t slim down…..St Joseph its nice of you to ensure Dunc’s table is never empty….but jeez it may be time for tough love!! C’mon man!