THE BAGWAN FINDS KINDNESS SEES A DOCTOR……mrs kardashian finds new best friend

Bagwan finds worth in transgenerism
Bagwan finds worth in transgenerism

Good Morning Transitional Subs,

Once again our very own Bagwan has climbed down from his high horse to shed further truth and light for us the unwashed.  As usual he drops a name and seeks our approval, and however disparate that sounds he managed to capture the essence of ‘Transgenderism’ in a most politically correct manner…please enjoy:


There was an ad during the Super Bowl about the insult “runs like a girl” or was it “throws like a girl.” Well apparently they are trying to make that politically incorrect just like it is not correct to tell someone, ‘that’s so gay.”

Now here is the thing, you wouldn’t say “you run like a girl” to a girl. No you would say it to some guy who runs like a girl. The former action star Steven Seagal became an internet sensation for his running scenes in his movies because he runs like a girl. When you see it you realize that there is no better or more accurate way to describe it. Steven Seagal is the person being insulted here, not girls.

The same way with “that’s so gay,” you don’t say that to a gay person. No you say it to a straight person who has just done or said something a little off kilter or even stupid. Apparently the use of that expression has caused outrage with the likes of Anderson Cooper and Ellen Degeneres to the point where there are now public service commercials demanding that people stop saying it. I guess as a substitute for “that’s so gay” you could just call someone a “retard” – I doubt that crowd will be making any public service commercials.

No one is more sensitive to the feelings of others than your very own Bagwan. When I found out that it was offensive to call someone a “fucking moron” just because they disagreed with me, I really tried to cut back.  I assiduously avoid any stereotypes and terms which could be considered ethnic slurs. Maybe “assiduously” is a little too strong a word but I always look around for stereotypes and ethnics before I say something offensive.  Being half Irish and half Italian I have developed an antenna for hurtful stereotypes. God rest his soul, my Uncle Mike was pained by “drunken Irish” jokes right up to the time when the cirrhosis took him away from us.

All of this has been a very long-winded intro to today’s topic – Bruce Jenner. For years he has been at the top of the list of “Men Who Look like Old Lesbians.” There are other guys on the list like Senator Al Franken, Don Imus, Jon Bon Jovi (and Richie Sambora), but Bruce always came out as #1.  Well now we know why – he was working at it.

No runs or throws like a girl here, this guy was the considered the greatest athlete in the world when he won the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. I met him around 1982 when he was driving my friend’s race car at Sears Point in the California wine country. He was a very handsome young man (hope that doesn’t sound too gay). He was printing money from endorsements and he was dating Elvis’ ex-girlfriend, Linda Thompson. She went on to become the second of three Mrs. Jenner’s. In short, he was about the least likely candidate to become a woman I can imagine. It is so unlikely that it has me wondering if there are other candidates out there with athletic success, money, fame, movie star looks and a famous wife who might feel trapped in a man’s body… Tom Brady maybe?

Anyway I have come to accept Bruce’s decision to become a woman but I am still confused as to why he would want to become an OLD woman.

I wonder if old women are offended by insults like, “Gawd that Zuki can be such an old woman” – I know I’d be.

  • zuki

    Bagwan has so willingly taken up the cause of “transgenders” and I for one am damn proud of our ‘Holy Man.’ You’ve heard the old adage, “Walk a mile in his/her shoes” well our own Bagged One has walked the walk.

    • bagwan1

      I get the feeling that my message of tolerance whizzed right by Zuki’s head.

      In a separate development I just received a transatlantic cable from one of our regular readers, Ulf from Sweden. He sent me this picture of Tom Brady that he thought was germane to our discussion. Those Swedes have a very curious sense of humor.