LANCE ARMSTRONG GETS CUE FROM LEBOWSKI……”sure…and a pair of testicles”

What makes a man?
What makes a man?

Good Morning Seekers of Succorance,

In an overly dramatic scene from “The Big Lebowski” The wheelchair bound Lebowski asks the Dude “What makes a man?” This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie.  The dialog went like this:

“It’s funny.  I can look back on a life of achievement, on challenges met, competitors bested, obstacles overcome.  I’ve accomplished more than most men, and without the use of my legs.  What….What makes a man Mr. Lebowski?  Is it…is it, being prepared to do the right thing?  Whatever the price?  Isn’t that what makes a man?”  The Dude (Jeff Bridges) replies…. “Sure.  That and a pair of testicles.”

I bring this up as a result of reading an article about the disgraced Lance Armstrong throwing his girlfriend under the bus after he smashed into two vehicles in Aspen, CO last December.  Should you care to read it I’ve included the link below:

Over the years we’ve witnessed both his professional and personal miscues, and it appears there’s a pattern of behavior associated with being a sociopath.  The fact he has no testicles only serves to illustrate he isn’t prepared to do the right thing!  He allowed his girlfriend to confess the crime without getting a police report which is of course also against the law.  The police have dropped the charges against his girlfriend and now going after our ex-hero Lance!  There is a God after all!

I suspect most of us; both men and women had moments of cowardice to save our own skins from time to time and now living with it.  Having said this, what I sense is missing and the primary difference between us and him is Mr. Armstrong’s lack of regret.  While the Bagwan says he regrets nothing, the list of my regrets could fill volumes and reasonably sure the two or three of you still reading this flawed platitude are not surprised.

During Lance’s run of seven Tour de France victories doping was pervasive.  To this day he still feels he had to do it to stay competitive which may be true.  He simply did it better!  He remains unrepentant traveling the county explaining what a raw deal he got, and like his former sponsor the U.S. Postal Service, is hemorrhaging money!

According to ‘Psych Central’ Guilt causes anger and resentment, not to mention impotence, runny bowel movements, Sausage Fingers, and bleeding from your eyes!  One lashes out at others in order to justify your actions. Anger, resentment, and guilt sap your energy, cause depression and illness, and prevent success, pleasure, and fulfilling relationships. They keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from moving forward.  Does the shoe fit?

A place of peace exists for Lance, but only if he’s ‘got the balls’ to take responsibility for his deceit and denial, only then can he cross the bridge and begin anew.  I for one am qualified to address this as I’ve begun anew at least 100 times!  C’mon Lance even without testicles—stand up and be a man!


  • zuki

    HA! Ohhhhh…. You mean the time I invited you to bet $1 on trivia
    to which you replied, and I quote, “Go Fuck Yourself!” as cordial, then…..wait a minute…..come to think of it that Is about as cordial as the Bagwan gets!

  • bagwan1

    No regrets you say. You think I don’t regret cordially introducing myself to you at Deweys? I beseech God every day to forgive me for whatever I did to have this curse visited upon me.