WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE?…..a would be holy man rejected by dwarves or me?

A Lie I tell you!!!
A Lie I tell you!!!

Good Morning Lambs to Slaughter,

It’s been the policy of this our humble forum to post any and all submissions unedited.  There are some (and they know who they are) who take advantage of this policy no matter who they have to trample asunder.  The further “Truth and Light” our very own Bagwan is force feeding us will someday come back to bite him in the ass….until then…enjoy the rebuttal:


Once again Zuki has misrepresented the truth. To get his side to the story you need to read his posting that immediately precedes this. His shameless and mean-spirited attack on a wonderful couple needs to be refuted.

The victims here are Barbara and Martin Scofield from San Francisco. They like to be called Babs and Marty and they are just ordinary people, as friendly and kind as you are ever going to meet.

They went back to Blondie’s this past week to celebrate their anniversary and to do so at the very place where they first met. Babs told me she will never forget the feeling of love at first sight when she walked in and saw Marty sitting at the end of the bar. Marty is a good looking man with a full head of bristling red hair accompanied by a healthy complexion and a robust demeanor.

Marty remembers seeing Babs walk into the bar and was immediately taken by her athletic body and dancer’s gait. He is still shocked that she walked right up to him and in her soft raspy voice asked “come here often.” They both immediately laughed at the campy come-on. At that moment the physical attraction was sealed by the shared sense of humor.

They had a whirlwind romance which included a trip around the world made possible by the fortune Marty had amassed in technology startups. Each year they return to one of those memorable venues to rekindle the love they felt in that first year of their lifelong love affair. Just last year they went back and revisited the Dali Lama who welcomed them back with open arms.

This year they returned to Colorado so that Marty could receive the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Gates Foundation. They decided it would be great fun to go back to where it all started at Blondie’s. When they arrived the bar was in its normal lethargic state – 2 or 3 local barflies, a blind guy trying to find the restroom, plus a table populated with overweight female clerks over from the city office. Little did they know that when they took a seat at the near-empty bar that they had violated the “property rights” of a latter day squatter.

The Gates foundation gives them awards, the Dali Lama receives them warmly and yet Zuki can’t tolerate Marty sitting on what Zuki has come to think of as his stool. I am not going to comment or pass judgment – but I sure hope you do.

JJ did save the day but not in the fashion that Zuki described. Sizing up what was going on he took the situation in hand. He was embarrassed by the whole thing and took the couple to dinner across the street at Steakhouse 10. He is the one who was able to get the true story from this delightful and enchanting couple.

In the meantime Zuki has his stool back where he can once again carefully keep track of all the imagined slights that he is forced to endure.


  • zuki

    THIS IS A TRAVESTY! This a couple from hell and actually showed up at Blondie’s last night squeezing into Roger the Hairdresser’s corner….I was forced to shun the man…all from my usual bar stool no less!! God what assholes!