THE MAIMING OF A SALESMAN……zuki waxes nostalgic

hobble silently into the night
hobble silently into the night

Good Morning Masters of Mackle,

I had the distinct pleasure of participating in my company’s annual sales meeting this week.  I always look forward to it as I’m reunited with some old friends I hired in the mid-nineties all of which are still among our top producers.  While my role has been significantly reduced and only contribute in a support/consulting sort of way, I still enjoy the repartee and wit these folks possess.

Back in those days our young company grew rapidly and the pressure to succeed permeated every action creating an atmosphere of 16 hour days and motivating my remote sales group to drive the extra 100 miles to secure business from prospects showing the slightest interest.  After the company went public the challenge of delivering good news driving stock values upward was almost unbearable.

I made it a point to make sure we played hard when I was riding along or when we were together as a group.  Being out till 4 AM followed by a 9 AM meeting was commonplace.  We felt like we were part of something revolutionary; holding on to a rocket ship for dear life.  Everyday presented new trials and problems that had to be addressed quickly.  It was by far the best job I’ve ever had!

As I hobbled up a set of stairs favoring my arthritic knees limping to the luxury suites secured to treat our sales force to a Nugget’s game, I waxed nostalgic.  For the two or three of you still reading this catchpenny Bruce Springsteen’s song “Glory Days” describes it best.  All of us huddled around the open bar and relived the more licentious moments shared and laughed to tears. I suppose most of us will have similar experiences as we age, but it was a sweet couple of hours!

The remaining people I hired and trained are now sales managers or even part of the executive team.  They’ve all married, have children, and don’t drink much if at all; most days retiring for the evening by 9:00 PM!  I couldn’t help but smile at the stark contrast from our irreverent ‘glory days.’

Thursday I was part of a small group that ‘roasted’ a guy who went on to become our Director of International Sales.  I was hired six months after he was and he’s retiring at the end of this week!  I’m still working, and very grateful to be employed. Yet I can’t help but feel a bit jealous as our circumstances within the same company were vastly different.

I’m confident I can stay employed if I choose, but there’s a good reason 65 rotations is understood to be the ‘official’ age of retirement.  You get to the point where it’s no longer the challenge it once was and get tired of the grind…..and worst of all I’m always gazing at the clock.  Evidently most of we “Baby Boomers” will work either by choice or necessity, I suspect the later.

Party on Dudes!!