Bagwan gets hang of it
Bagwan gets hang of it

Good Morning Deflagrationers,

Not to be overlooked, and let’s face it sometimes that’s a blessing!  Our very own Bagwan has seen fit to weigh in on the politics of legalized marijuana.  Although his observations seem a bit desperate but we can most likely attribute that to bad weed.  His “Further Truth & Light” center on the former thrill of the hunt.  Twist one up and enjoy:

Legal marijuana – winners and losers.

The B. B. King song, “The Thrill is Gone” just about sizes up this situation. Zuki’s boys, Biff and Happy, had to explain to their crestfallen father that they had lost all interest now that it is legal. Cush’s son Matriculous (Matty to his friends), has wanted to be a drug dealer since he was 8 but now he is looking at learning glass glazing.  It is suddenly hard to get JJ to slip out back of Blondies to burn one.

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you I never was a stoner; I just never enjoyed the high. I was always told it made you mellow but when you see some of these strident cocksuckers who were at the forefront of the legalization movement, mellow isn’t one of the words that comes to mind.

You know that thing about when something isn’t broken you don’t fix it; well that seems to apply here. There was not a single pot head, not one, who couldn’t get all he needed when he needed it. Guys like Dan the Bartender were supplementing their income and guys like Zuki had a little intrigue in their lives. In an instant it’s all legal and suddenly it’s no more fun than getting a supersized Pepsi in New York.

I remember when Zuki used to tell me he smoked weed because of back pain or was it knee pain. Then he told me he smoked it to help him sleep. Well now no one cares why he smokes it, so he has no need to make up excuses. He told me just last week that he really misses the excuses. He felt they added a patina of respectability to an otherwise bad habit.

The winners are harder to find. Maybe the state of Colorado could be considered a winner because of all the new tax revenues. Although the trade-off is that you cannot say where you are from without having to listen to all the predictable jokes. Just for future reference, we have heard all the ones about the “Mile High City.”

Peyton Manning might also be considered a winner in this. He bought 20 Papa Johns’ franchises here in town right before the new law went into effect and says that same store revenues are up 38% over the non-legal days. I’m sure that the Pillsbury people have seen a bump in brownie mix sales but other than that I’m not sure who came out on top in this whole mess.

We have seen all this before in this country. Go back to the Roaring ‘20’s when we had prohibition. All I know about the era is from books and film but boy it sure looked like they were having fun. Not just fun but glamorous fun with gangsters and flappers. Speakeasies filled with swells, bootleggers like old Joe Kennedy printing money and screwing movie stars and quaint holiday celebrations like the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

I realize that the movie version might be fictional but it still had to be more fun than sitting in Deweys playing trivia with a bunch of old farts bitching about their wives, lives, jobs and kids. Of course having a hot coal pounded up your ass was more fun than that.

Well there is no use complaining, legal cannabis is here to stay. I only hope that there is a lesson learned here and they don’t try to mess up the good clean fun of meth and heroin.


  • zuki

    Well it seems the Bagster has put himself above we the unwashed for partaking accoutrements suitable for the occasion. He went out of his way to point out he’s not a “stoner” but semantics aside, I posted a picture of our holy man ‘Huffing’ glue so you decide….

    • bagwan1

      That is not glue, it is my hair styling gel… geez you know how good my hair can look with proper care.