ORION’S FLAWLESS LAUNCH USHERS IN NEW ERA……zuki wonders if anyone noticed

New Vision Quest
New Vision Quest

Good Morning  Utopists,

I don’t know if the two or three of you reading this wanion were able to watch NASA’s Orion lift off flawlessly into space, but I choked up just a little.  It reminded me of July 1969 when Neil Armstrong (named my eldest son Neil) set foot on the Moon.   I find irony in the fact I entered the Oakland Induction Center and was forced to join the Army’s futile war with Vietnam a month later—almost to the day!

It’s hard to believe it was 45 years ago and after five subsequent Moon landings we as a country settled for the “Shuttle” program & international space station.


Eventually Obama shut down the Shuttle program leaving it to the Russians, but given recent events in Ukraine I suspect that will also disappear.  So it was fabulous to see we’ve not forgotten how to launch a craft that’s ultimately designed to carry humans into deep space and Mars.  I hope I’m around to see a Mars landing.  Think about that!  Should it happen–it would mean that in my life time I witnessed the debut of the 1952 Desoto Powermaster (Grandmothers car) to landing on the Moon—then some 60 years later…Mars!

Of course a few other significant technologies emerged a few years later such as the personal computer and the Internet; both had a significant impact on mankind as well.  But it’s hard to match the seductiveness of space travel, no doubt a childhood dream shared by many of us.  Countless science fiction movies and books fed into this fantasy come true, reminding us to keep looking upward.

My recollection of this moment in 1969 is that it captured a sense of pride in this our fair country.  Blacks, whites, reds, yellows, and browns shared this pride and for a brief moment were united by this event if only a short while.  When you think about current events in Ferguson, Staten Island, and Cleveland that brief moment in 1969 seems far removed.

Now before I get all teary-eyed and wax melancholy, you may be surprised to know I actually have a point to all this.  Two generations have grown up since Armstrong’s landing reading about this historical moment in school, but instead of accepting it as a crowning achievement; we get conspiracy theories that claim it was all an elaborate hoax perpetrated by our government.

With the birth rate of morons and nitwits growing exponentially I suspect they’ll eventually become a political party sponsoring candidates screaming for the blood of those responsible!  Pearl Harbor, Holocaust, JFK, Moon landing, Jimmy Hoffa, Babylon, Area 51, New World Order, 911, Oklahoma City bombing, and the Boston Marathon bombing to name just a few…..will grind out witch-hunts throwing all reason and objectivity in the shitter while spending billions of taxpayers’ dollars!

McCarthyism on steroids!

Call me naïve, but we as a country are badly in need of a hero or at least something heroic!  Friday’s Orion launch and the pursuit of landing on Mars have the potential to again unify us!  These floundering conspiracy theorists need to put the needle down and remove the gun from their collective mouths and somehow grasp reality.  If they can’t or worse won’t, they’ll have to be removed!

You heard it here first!


  • bagwan1

    Thanks for the invitation to call you naïve but I would prefer stupid if it is all the same to you.
    I used to share office space with Wally Schirra and even got drunk with him at prolonged lunch back in the early ’70’s. I share this with you not because it is germane to the subject (he kept a moon rock on his desk); no I share this with you because I haven’t done any name dropping recently.