BAGWAN SAYS WORDS HAVE CONSEQUENCES………JJ due for seizure yeah baby!!

Yeah Baby!!!
Yeah Baby!!!

Good Morning Ninny Whiphers,

Once again our very own Bagwan has seen fit to dwell among we the unwashed to deliver more Truth & Light.  Today’s message is both a warning and of hope; you’ll have to decide which one applies to you.  So please put your hands together and give it up for the lofty one….I give you the Bagwan:


UPDATE (New shit has come to light)

Just a short while back we had a discussion here at the Diatribe about words. Words and expressions you don’t hear anymore, words that have had their meanings change over time and words that you wish you didn’t hear anymore.

In the last category of words you wish you didn’t hear any more I referenced my long time pet peeve, “just saying” and the current favorite of JJ, “Yeah Baby!!!” Zuki took me to task for singling out JJ, saying what harm can come from him yelling “yeah baby” every time the Broncos get a first down or even every time Dawn brings him a Coors Light?

Well it turns out Zuki was (dead) wrong yet again. Based on news reports coming out of Columbus Ohio there is apparently a great deal of harm that comes from the repeated use of the term. Let me share with you a couple of excerpts from an AP report about a very sad story:

  • Ohio State University football players, wrestlers and other from the community came together to remember the life of Kosta Karageorge, who at age 22, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on Sunday.
  • Karageorge would always say, ‘Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby!’ just before coming out on the field to practice every day,” Ohio State rusher Ezekiel Elliott told the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Apparently the constant chants of “Yeah baby” are just as annoying to the user as they are to those of us who have to listen to them. Think about it for a moment, we listeners have the option of getting up and leaving while the poor guy saying it has no escape. He is a prisoner of his own queer addiction.

There will be an inquiry into what led this troubled man to shoot himself and no doubt they will find that he had brain damage related to concussions. I doubt they will be able to connect the dots from the brain damage to the “yeah babies” to the suicide – but trust me, brain damage and “yeah babies” are connected at the hip (please excuse the faulty imagery).

I bring all this up to point out to Zuki that he was wrong with his “what’s the harm” comment but more importantly to ask a couple of questions. Isn’t this just like the issue of second hand smoke? Are we all at risk here with continued exposure?

Prolonged exposure to annoying sounds can drive one to drink – we see that every day in Curmudgeon Corner. Listening to each other has clearly led to several hardened livers but it is frightening to think that it can lead to more desperate measures. I remember several years ago reading about a composer and arranger who shot himself shortly after he had been working with Celine Dion and John Tesh. Coincidence? I think not – annoying sounds can hurt.

Being annoying is not against the law, but being really annoying should be. Maybe some Ferguson type demonstrations are in order here. God knows that looting the Safeway could help Zuki balance out his diet.  Let’s make a commitment that this aggression will not stand. We will draw a line in the sand against saying things like ‘just saying,’ ‘yeah baby’ and maybe even ‘at the end of the day.’ Together we will make America (or at least Blondie’s) a safer place to live and drink.


  • zuki

    I’m stupefied at Bagwan’s scolding! I only used the photo (I took myself) to demonstrate JJ’s affinity for cheerleaders! Just JOE was able to use spin moves he’d only dreamed of! So C’mon….the photo was the only way to convey the situation….jeez

  • bagwan1

    I would like to be clear that I had nothing to do with the selection of the picture accompanying today’s presentation.
    That is all Zuki continuing in his effort to redefine the limits of bad taste.