BAGWAN IS SICK & TIRED OF REPACKAGING…….unwashed gets lesson in phrasing

Take a GOOD look!!
Take a GOOD look!!

Good Morning Bibliophobes,

Bagwan’s genuine concern for we the unwashed has no boundaries.  Even rising from his sick-bed, he cares that you and I come off well informed and articulate!  We’re overjoyed and it’s with great humility I present Bagwan’s further truth & light–please enjoy:


I was reading an old novel the other day and came across the word “rapscallion.” I liked the sound of it but I don’t remember ever hearing it used before. Well I looked it up and I’ll be darned if it isn’t a great moniker for Zuki.

That got me to thinking about words and phrases that I have heard used in my lifetime that I don’t hear anymore. “Groovy” and “far out” come to mind, although I hope I never said either one. I haven’t heard anyone called a “prig” recently but in my circles you are much more likely to run into a prick rather than a prig.

Also we have words that have taken on new meanings. The expression “all fagged out” used to mean you were tired. I suppose it could still mean you are tired but now it would raise the question of how you got tired. In that same vein when exactly did “gay” come to mean what it does today.

I’ll tell you one of my favorite greetings which seems to have fallen out of favor is, “How’s it hanging?” While used mostly by men, Cush told me he came across an interesting group of women in Wyoming who used that expression to greet each other – that conjures up some scary images. On the flip side saying good-bye with “See you in the funny papers” has never made any sense to me.

More annoying than the words we don’t use anymore are the words and phrases we still use that I wish we didn’t. I have led a long and arduous campaign against the use of “just saying.” What the hell does that mean anyway? Of course you are “just saying,” that’s what we are doing here – having a conversation, we are all just saying. The reason you feel the need to precede your comments with “just saying” is because you just said the same thing before and no one cared.

One that has started in recent times is the overuse and abuse of the word “actually.” It’s a perfectly acceptable word which is now being used as a filler word to claim knowledgeable authority. During Committee meetings I am sometimes forced to say “actually” to let them know that it is time to listen up because I am about to set the record straight. Actually what using “actually’ does is announce one’s opinion of one’s own opinion.

The use of “hopefully” has some elite and effete critics but I am okay with it as a substitute for “I hope.” The one that drives me nuts is “functionality.” What does functionality add to the meaning of “function”—other than showing that you are some techno-nerd?

Finally we get to the most annoying of all; the one that makes you long for the sound of fingernails scraping on a blackboard. The one that is gaining traction amongst the rabble of Blondie’s while driving reasonable people to the solitude of drinking alone. I am talking about the incessant and loud favorite of our very own JJ. I am talking about:


  • bagwan1

    Actually Zuki is wrong. Hopefully it’s because he has lost some functionality from being all fagged out from his groovy date last night. Ring a ding ding!

  • zuki

    I happened to catch the Bagged One pontificating to a captive audience at one of his regular stops in Cherry Creek. Not only did he say ‘just sayin’ on three separate occasions…..but could swear I heard a YEAH BABY!! on my way out!……just sayin..