I HATE YOU AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!…….zuki explores hatred as medicine

Good Morning Syhatredbarites,

Well far be it from me to get in the way of what our humble readership wants.  Good Lord, our collective group is an odd bunch.  Hating human kind seems counterproductive to me.  Unless you live in a cave or under the viaduct, one is generally forced to interact with other humans, which by its very nature aggravating.  Hate and I know of where I speak, will sap the very life out of you!  However, my 65 rotations have taught me that if one is selective about who one hates, it creates a manageable situation as opposed to hating everyone.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but some people are easier to hate than others.  For example, I think most of us would agree that terrorists, Punjabis, snotty airline ‘stewardesses’, politicians, life coaches, and evangelicals are easy to hate and obvious targets to lash at.  But what about those that have wronged us years ago, have you forgiven them?  I haven’t.

Let’s face it, when there’s nobody directly in our sights, we tend to roll out the asshole that one upped us at a party, an old boss, or the arsonist that set our house ablaze.  What?  That never happened to you?  Anyway I find I can actually get worked up over being slighted 25 years ago and grind what’s left of my teeth over it.  I’m reasonably sure this is not good for you.

Some have said I’m a chronic bitch-er of ‘things’ and rarely satisfied with my lot in life.  Of course my response to that is “What’s to like?” I suspect this is true because lately it’s been others outside the usual ‘limp-dicks’ that drive me to bitch that have corroborated this observation.  Simple self-analysis tells me this mind set is from years of hating and now face the final stages before going ‘postal!’  That said, I’m still in hopes that this condition is reversible and not predestined to leave this rock like ‘Butch and Sundance.’ ‘I’m just sayin’ that’s all.

It’s safe to assume most of us will continue to hate and I pray the two or three of you reading this euphony do so without injuring yourselves.  There’s a price to pay for misanthropic endeavors.  I’ve been highly conflicted about something the enigmatic Just JOE said.  I must warn you his quote is a bit cryptic, so don’t look here for answers.  Just Jivin’ was giving advice to yours truly regarding my generally hateful remarks to an idiot (well deserved) at Blondie’s.  He said, “Put your hatred of ALL MANKIND to work for the betterment of same!”  I’m just not sure that’s a feasible option at this juncture!


  • zuki

    I never question quotes from JJ as his grasp of literature and/or TV scripts is beyond reproach! But thank you for that resounding endorsement. Greatly appreciated….I think..

  • bagwan1

    Now you have JJ doing Charlie Chan quotes? How about, “Zuki make world better place by absenting himself from same.”
    Naw just kidding — the world without Zuki would be like TV without Springer.