JOE BONAMASSA STUNS RED ROCKS……zuki climbs stairs to piss

Joe B Red Rocks warm upGood Morning Seekers of Rhapsody,

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to witness the performance of one of the most talented premier blues guitarist on the planet.  I don’t say this to be tongue n’ cheek nor is it a throw away comment.  Joe Bonamassa and his music as well as his covers are flawless as far as I can tell.  There are those among us who will scoff and belittle my adoration and they know who they are, yet at the risk of ridicule and mocking lampoons….I tell you it’s all true.

This was my first ever concert at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.  I think it fitting and all together appropriate I lost my Red Rocks virginity to an artist who has single handedly taken the ‘Blues’ genre to another level.  At the tender age of 37 he is like the greats before his time a child prodigy who by the age of 10 could play note for bending note Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn!  No small feat for anyone let alone a boy.Joe B Red Rocks

As most of you know I’m rarely at a loss for words.  But trying to describe the euphoria created by the artist combined with the venue is nigh on impossible.  I’ve been trying to write this post all week and have been frustrated beyond anything I’ve ever written.

So I’m giving up my attempts to frame my emotions and put pen to paper as it were, and simply tell you if you get a chance to see a live performance of Mr. Bonamassa, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.


  • zuki

    YOU ARE CORRECT SIR!!! Found myself on the shitter last night around 11:00 PM but with zero success!! I could only fart.

  • bagwan1

    I don’t think you should pooh pooh the 10:30 BM since the body clock shows clearly there is no more difficult time to produce one.
    edit: for some reason my body clock image doesn’t show up here so I will just have to give you the link:

  • zuki

    John Tesh, Yanni, and Dino on the Pan Flute is Bagged One’s idea of spine tingling. “Now that’s just sad” According to Mrs. Bagwan the last time his spine tingled was when he moved his bowels 10:30 PM

  • bagwan1

    I would normally mock Zuki for his breathless, girlish, over the top reaction to seeing Joe B. at Red Rocks. Bonamassa isn’t so much a blues guitarist as he is a caricature of a blues guitarist.

    As I said, I would normally mock him but I have had my own spine tingling experience at Red Rocks: