LIVING IN FANTASY…..zuki imagines what if…

“Be still my beating heart!”  Well it’s done.  It’s now official.  I have surfaced and have come out!  Out of the basement that is…  My two years of laboring in a window-less basement studio has finally warranted an invitation to exhibit.  For the one or two of you reading this styptic pencil please be aware that what you’re about to read is self-centered and likely cast me in a bad light.

For those of you that have followed this nonsense awhile you know very well my desire to be an artist.  No I mean actually to support myself with my work.  There is a difference you know.  Teachers of art & design are close, but they’re still obligated to spend much of their time teaching, demonstrating, firing, and glazing their student’s efforts in the classroom.  Then there are those who are supported by others allowing them to work freely at their leisure.  I don’t mean to be chauvinistic, but in my experience this applies to mostly women.  This arrangement certainly opens the door but very few find themselves taken seriously.  My theory on this and it is indeed a theory, is being financially supported by someone else steals part of one’s soul.  The soul is what drives an artist to produce!  They may have talent and be skilled in one medium or another, but their finished work rarely stirs those feelings that cause us to reach out and embrace a work of art.

Then there’s the millions of “wanna be’s” who still must work a full or part time job to sustain ourselves while “doing art” in our off hours and weekends.  Obviously this is the worst of all scenarios!  That said, I say if one can work through it and persevere it will make one’s work better.  Being on the outside looking in changes how we perceive not only our work, but life’s rich pageant as well.  This form of suffering, while not starvation or war, reaches within and tears at us knowing it could or should be us.  When we live on the edge of recognition and reward it morphs into the “carrot dangling from the end of a stick.”  We don’t have the luxury of time or someone else keeping us atop Maslow’s pyramid.  But as “Wanna Be’s” our collective souls pour from our work and is felt by those that see it.  Keep moving!!