LEAVING YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR…..zuki makes progress…he thinks

Good Morning Sycophants,

I must be making progress although one must consider the source of my optimism. I’ve been recruited by a Cuban entrepreneur touting himself to be a world wide art dealer. His company, “ConneXions” has locations in Cancun, Miami, and now Denver. The business model is interesting in that Luis rents out little vignettes of space in a large retail mall (Southwest Plaza) store with many window fronts. After meeting with Luis, and viewing the hardwood floors and work thus far collected, I’m impressed.

I’ve been laboring for two years within the confines of a window-less basement and once per month a few people find their way downstairs and actually see my work. I’m anxious to see if any of it is saleable. Would the one or two of you reading this promotion buy (see photo) this? Would you pay $1,500? Stay tuned.

Earlier I spoke of we “Wanna be Artists” and those that wish to be called one as having un-containable ego’s. Well to be so blessed as to earn a living from one’s work one must put aside one’s ego and deliver one’s heart & soul for the viewing public to see and judge. I find this both exhilarating and scared shit-less! This Sunday will mark zuki’s coming out party. I’m not speaking of being ‘gay’ rather coming out of the basement instead. It’s been 35 years since my “Art” has been in front of patrons of the arts!

I’ll take some photos once there set up to give you an idea.