ZUKI SPEAKS OF INNER STRENGTH….can’t bench celery sticks

Courtesy of Ms. Cheri Lucero

Good Morning my Children,

For the two or three of you reading this hiatus, thanks for checking in from time to time it’s greatly appreciated.  Much has happened since my last posting in October 2012.  Lance Armstrong was outed stripped of his seven “Tour De France” titles, Obama representing a new paradigm won second term, Hurricane Sandy, Aurora theater shooting, Sandy Hook massacre, Ravens win Super Bowl, and yours truly got tossed from Blondie’s.  The tossing was most certainly undeserved as well as dishonorable!

I made the right decision to stop the ‘Diatribe’ and focus on my art work that much is clear.   I’ve been invited to exhibit my art in August; my first gallery exhibition in 34 years!  As promised here is the link to my art website.  It’s still not finished as my Son now living in the Arctic Circle is experiencing a huge change in his young life and needs time to adjust before finishing.  But it should give you a feel for what we’re trying to accomplish.


I’m writing mostly because I miss it.  I stumbled upon an “Onion”-like article that made me laugh out loud.

Aggressive Driving Class Offered

It reminded me of how cathartic writing is to me, and thought I’d like to write about something.  Lord knows there should be a thousand topics but can’t think of one that interests me.  I think my lassitude stems mostly from my studio work.  Clay has physicality to it.  Once you start on a project, you have to see the construction through before you can stand back and assess.  Yesterday was a prime example.  I have three work stations and a table I reserve for sketching or reading and try to keep it relatively clean.  I ended up working in all four stations jumping from one project to the next making sure my sanding, gluing, construction, and glazing were on pace for an upcoming firing to complete my newest project in time for 1st Friday.  Like many large metro areas the 1st Friday of each month is celebrated by an “Art Walk” in which all the galleries, restaurants, bars, and street vendors ply their wares open to the public.

I came away completely drained of energy.  I’ve been fighting a cold so I went straight home and collapsed on the coach for the remainder of the evening.  While working mostly on the weekends, the energy spent depletes my reserves so there’s little left for the ‘Diatribe.’  That’s my theory anyway. Check back as I may find something to write about….maybe….we’ll see.