ZUKI SAYS GOODBYE FOR NOW….diatribe has run it’s course

Courtesy of A-B & C Global Headquarters

Good Morning Friends,

May I call you friends?  Over the last eight years I’ve used this our humble forum to write anything from ridiculous fictional accounts of associates to serious issues in my personal life.  For most of the eight year effort I’ve asked (mostly tongue in cheek) the question; isn’t it always about me?  The answer always should have been yes.  From what my I.T. guy (my son) told me there are about 200 of you that logged on at least once per week.  Thank you for that.  I so very much wanted this forum to be insincere but funny; fodder for discussion with your second cup of coffee. I’d like to think it started your day with a shake of your head and a wry smile.

No doubt a credulous notion to be sure, but I have seen sites with large numbers of participants.  Although most of them were focused on serious things such as politics, cooking, or science which hardly describes our script so it shouldn’t surprise anyone.  That said, outside of a cure for cancer or aging none of those things interest me.  Narrowing our subject matter to splitting of pants, flatulence, or drinking heavily evidently doesn’t have the broad appeal I’d hoped for.

To my knowledge the handful of contributors i.e., Bagwan, just JOE, Dv’ant, and the two or three posts from Ceribus and Madcow never published anything.  We did the very best we could given our ability and time constraints, but it just never resonated to anyone beyond the 200 silent faithful. I’ve always been frustrated that more people didn’t join in the jocularity and would rather remain on the side line.  I’d always check every morning to see but alas no one new ever showed up.

For the two or three of you still reading this gull, you may remember the number of times I denigrated those shit-stains promising to eat a bullet, but never did mooching drinks instead.  Sadly, I’ve become one of those shit-stains.  Not suicide, rather pulling the plug on the ‘Diatribe.’  For over a year now I’ve threatened to end it, but would always change my mind mostly because I missed it.  Well it’s time to “Just do it!”

Before I “steal silently into the night,” I need to come clean and hope this doesn’t put an end to my association with the Bagwan or just JOE.  In my futile attempts to draw more readers into the fray I thought if there were more than just two contributors folks would feel more comfortable about commenting.  So I’d like to have the following contributors make a curtain call:

Ortega – Many of you Denver locals thought I was Ray Padilla, Dee-Dee’s husband, so zuki used Scientology to keep me obscure.  Zuki had me leave the Diatribe in a huff after he posted an inflammatory article about Scientology.  Zuki says it was to establish credibility, but who’s he kidding? Take care!

Ada – I was supposed to come across as a younger woman (twenty something) in the off chance someone that young read the Diatribe.  Kiss kiss so long.

Margo – Take care  you angels, my occasional postings were probably the most effective in soliciting responses, but were from the same regulars.  Zuki found a website dedicated to angel worship and cut & pasted excerpts injecting zuki’s little twists as not to be outed by just Joe. May God bless you.

festeringboil – I was the pain in zuki’s ass by using obvious quotes from real talent as my own commentary.  I was a foil for zuki’s sharp attacks on me.  Farewell, fair cruelty.

Tammy – Hopefully my attempts at being a raging bitch with Dewey’s roots came across.  My character was based on Mary (Touched) who absolutely hated zuki from day one.  The ongoing rumor that I was actually Elvis really helped, yet never brought anyone new into the conversation.

fez – I was zuki’s favorite.  I’m a bit surprised nobody noticed I used much of the same vocabulary as zuki does.  It was a challenge for him to find other ways to phrase things but would occasionally slip up.  The Bagwan actually caught zuki in a major miscue when he mistakenly posted my comment as zuki’s….fortunately Nasty had just overhauled the site so there were a number of glitches and oddities that showed up making the mistake plausible.   Zuki floated the idea that I might be from Chicago and it was from our dear friend Kim who actually is an accountant that he came up with the accounts receivable story.

My biggest contribution was getting eight pages of a seething vile scouring from Dv’ant over the ‘Ghost move’ in our would-be chess game.  Yet I also failed to bring anyone new into the morass.  The gang at accounts receivable wish you all good luck.


I just want everyone to know I didn’t start out adding the above commentators to deceive rather an unsuccessful attempt to draw new comments in.  But once the Bagwan and just JOE began to reply I let it go on for the same reason.  Looking back, it was probably a bad idea.

For the most part I’ve enjoyed the experience.  But I’m running out of time to do something significant.  I’m going “all in” with my art and look to make an impression here locally, but God willing perhaps nationally as well.  Once it’s up and built I’ll add my new ‘Art’ web address to the top of this post.

I find it ironic to announce I’ll be shutting down the ‘comments’ Sunday October 7th 2012 primarily to prevent spam, but when you consider the effort to get legitimate comments, it’s a bit funny!



  • Just JOE

    STAGE 1…
    AND… SO… I learn this site is just one big sham
    ZUKI stuck every role… He’s just one big ham
    I KNOW “JJ” is real
    Bagwan, too, I feel
    We can’t take it!… Promise you’ll never re-run this scam!
    STAGE 2…
    I will never, ever grok someone so duplicitious
    You’ve got some nerve, A-Hole, to piss this at us
    I’ll take it in stride
    Thanks, again, for the ride
    Afraid forgiving you would just be too big of us?!
    STAGE 3…
    How could I let this A-Hole be so manipulative?
    Are MOI accusations too vitrupritive?
    Diatribe, we’re at end
    Fare well, MOI fair friend
    (“sniff”) How dare you end NOW when I have much more to give?!
    STAGE 4…
    (“sniff”) I get that this relationship has run its course
    But I am way, way too proud to seek a divorce
    Let’s just call it quits
    Bury the wits
    ALL because you refuse to dismount your artsy high horse!
    STAGE 5…
    i wonder just who it was that I wrote for?
    Worse… the why?… or… the wherefore?
    I’m happy!… I’m sad…
    What fun was had!
    I CONTRIBUTED!! What more could you ask for?!
    THE END!!!