WRETCHED STENCH OF SICK – zuki lets hope over come reason

Good Morning from Lickerish Land,

Thanks to an unknown malady, I was able to drop 7 lbs in 48 hours! This was big news to me considering I’ve been floundering between 238 and 245 lbs these last 90 days. I’m agonizing about reducing alcohol intake or to actually exercise causing me to hesitate! This self-inflicted “Little Shop of Horrors” is at best a fickle lover bent on revenge. Yet, I’m thinking I have a chance to hit my goal weight of 230 lbs then maintain it for the rest of my days. As simple as it sounds it does require one to adjust to if not bow to the God’s of ‘Relaxed fit’ jeans just to persevere. For you on-line dating freaks there is no such thing as ‘average weight’ when assessing fabricated profiles from ‘Hell.’ The serious seekers of love demand a full-length photo attached to your financial statement. Right now, I have very speculative financials and working on an acceptable body for someone my age. The ‘Sand’s of Time’ tend to erode our willingness to pay the price of moderation. I’m just sayin’….

For everyone that uses the phrase; “All things in moderation” please leave immediately and ‘besmirch’ yourself! (Respect for Lent) I don’t want to get too preachy here given it’s mostly water weight. Shit. Even money says I’ll gain it back by Thursday. Nevertheless I intend to make an effort. My best estimate is that my alcohol consumption is 5% less than last week. Of course this was averaged over 12 months and suggests a modicum of self control.

Those of you still reading this horripilating maggot it all boils down to how ‘hungry’ you are. There’s a great series of three or four books (I only read three) by Scott Alexander about charging like a Rhino blazing its own jungle trail oblivious to quicksand, sharp thorns, or the ever present ‘Torpedo’ waiting to blow us out of the saddle. I’ve read Zig, Tom, and several other sales gurus and yet Mr. Alexander’s simple analogies beat them all. It’s great motivational stuff, and recommend it should you need a lift in spirit.

Look, I apologize if this sounds preachy. I really don’t mean to because come Thursday I’ll have gained the weight back and will have to eat the above, but shit fire it wouldn’t be the first time.

You’re probably asking yourselves; “WTF Zuki is there a point to all this?” I’M HIP. The point is I had this dreadful experience of being sick allowing me a brief but wonderful glimpse of being close to my goal. But in the end, it was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Please excuse my exuberance and subsequent rambling; consider it a simple a knee jerk reaction. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and tend to my lettuce wraps…