THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND……zuki examines protocol

Good Morning Children of Mussitation,

Why do you suppose they put ‘braille’ on drive through speakers?

It may seem like I pick on the blind or mock them but if you’ll carefully read the archives you’ll find it’s not the case at all.  Because of Light Rail, ‘The Maggot’ has regular visits from Littlewood’s School for the Blind and with the exception of two semi-ugly incidents seem quite pleasant.  But it has been my contention that being blind does not give anyone license to be rude.  I’ll call them on it every time!  What can they do to me?  Tap me to death? Their unfortunate condition is not my fault!

I had a nice dinner with my youngest son last evening and stopped off at Home Depot to pick up super fine sandpaper (very useful) for the studio.  The Depot trains their employees to always get in your face and actually walk you to the proper Isle and ask you about your project.  I find this highly annoying and immediately turn into a smart ass explaining I had to sand a one-ton block of granite!  “You may want to use a much heavier grit number…wow” shot back my would- be advisor.  “No shit” I laughed and told the woman I could take it from there.

Ironically, a minute later a blind man was tapping his way toward me.  I wondered how in the hell does he know where anything is?  Does he depend on the orange aproned helpers to step up?  Does it invade on personal space or put to question their sense of independence?  Should I wait for obvious signs of distress before intervening?  What is the protocol in this situation?

I approached the blind man (about 45 I’m guessing) and asked if I could help him find what he was looking (sorry about the pun) for.  His expression and demeanor ‘turned on a dime’ and snapped, “If you want to help me…leave me the fuck alone!”  Stupefied I watched him tap his way around me.  Finally, I snapped to and yelled after him “Fine! I hope you trip and fall jerk!”

It appears to me anyway; nobody wants or will ask for assistance and is the last resort for all of us blind or otherwise.  Jeez.