SISYPHUS STONE FITTING FOR MOOCHES…..zuki seeks fairness at the maggot

Good Morning Zeitgeist-ers,

Being the self-appointed ‘Town Cryer’ keeps me busy as the arcane acts of the unwashed continually manifest itself in unexpected ways.

For today’s installment I’ve zeroed in on ‘Raymond’ who obviously has no pride and completely justifies his presence at the bar by doing ‘Bar-back’ chores for Jimbo, and now Maria while on their respective shifts. In return, he’s given a couple of beers, eats the food bought and prepared by the regular patrons, and is allowed to take up space at a crowded bar to nurse his Budweiser. What’s worse is that he engages those of us who pay our way annoying all in earshot.  Given Jimbo’s back, I understand the relationship developed between them. But Jeez!

This may sound harsh given the Christmas season, but I don’t see any attempt by Raymond to work outside of mooching from The Maggot’s patrons. While the regulars are a pretty forgiving group, I say he should be punished and then humiliated prior to imposing himself on the rest of us. That’s fair!

“Greek Mythology tells the story of the Sisyphus trial involving the son of Aeolus the ruler of Corinth, noted for his trickery: he was punished in Tartarus by being compelled to roll a stone to the top of a slope, but the stone always escaped near the top rolling down again.”

This seems fitting for Raymond our local sluggard and full-time idiot. There has to be a slope nearby and I’ll be in charge of finding a suitable stone he can push up a hill before he’s offered entry. Beginning on Cornell & Broadway (east side) pushing the stone up to Logan will present a formidable challenge to our ‘sponge’ and will test just how bad he wants a beer and/or a free lunch.

I can just hear the two or three of you still reading this scumber, “zuki that seems altogether cruel if you ask us…”  I’m hip.. Yet if he was seriously searching for honest work (which there’s plenty) I could be more charitable, but he’s found a home at the Maggot and will no doubt be a permanent annoyance.

In spite of my personal aggravation and more or less being a chronic complainer, I wish all my family, friends, and paying customers a Merry Christmas!

If you have a problem with Christmas…..go ahead and duck yourselves!