BEEF!…IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER!…MAYBE……..zuki goes fishing


The following posting mostly concerns the eating and preparation of animal flesh. Vegans, Vegetarians, and other assorted herbivores read on at your own peril.

Good Morning Connoisseurs,

In a story posted on, “Spanish authorities have confiscated a half-ton of falsely labeled meat and have arrested a 62-year old man in connection with the incident. In an official announcement on Monday, the Spanish police announced that a number of retirement homes had been supplied pork disguised or labeled as beef. The man is rumored to have already supplied the public with two tons of the wrongly labeled meat.”

What worries me about this sorted affair is not so much the man obviously profited from his mis-deeds, rather it’s the fact real human beings were unable to tell the difference between beef and pork! How many meals were served as Beef Wellington, Roast Beef, Beef Stroganoff, Mojo Beef Kabobs, Prime Rib w/Chipotle butter, BBQ Brisket, or even Country Fried Steak before someone suspected trouble and cried ‘pig in a poke!?’

I suppose given their respective sauces and levels of richness, weakened taste buds might not recognize the swine after-taste. But what’s a mystery to me and even more disturbing are those charged with preparing the meals! Was the quality of beef normally used so poor that they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference?

“In a pig’s eye” my friend!

Normally my cynical nature would cause me to predispose a conspiracy to defraud or a kickback scheme involving the administration or cooks, but in this time of “Goodwill toward men,” I suppose we can give everyone the benefit of the doubt; maybe.

But if you think about it, it gives new meaning to the ‘Cattleman’s Association’ mantra, “Beef…it’s what’s for dinner.” I can just see the governmental disclaimer at the bottom of the screen; Not responsible for stray bits of pork, fish, or mutton eat at your own risk.”

For someone like myself who dines out a great deal, I hate to think the next time I ‘pig out’ I’ve got to inspect my roast beef sandwich for non-beef entities. I can honestly say to the best of my knowledge I’ve not been victimized in this manner and pray it never happens or ever find out if it should.

There is a high degree of trust given to those individuals (most of them unknown to us) assembling our meals for consumption. I’m sure the two or three of you still reading this bloviated punch to the gut, would agree there’s reason to fear. There’s always that dark thought of malicious subterfuge to substitute the other white meat for my rare Rib Eye, but for now, I believe I could tell the difference, and no, it doesn’t taste like chicken!