ROTTING TREE SYNDROME…..zuki sets himself on fire

Photos taken of Bentley Priory through the seasons

Good Morning People of Pestiferous Intent,

It’s like I’m a rotting tree….jeez, I’m stricken with every insect, fungus, virus, and infection known to man!  I’m telling you; don’t bother to check medical symptom websites as they’ve no fucking clue what’s causing my current breakout!  Christ, I suffered with Acne until 19, and will not accept anything less than a qualified explanation!  I’m washing my new sheets and bedding, retracing my steps, recalling my diet, and generally wondering what the hell has caused this particular episode in life’s rich pageant! 

I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to lash out like that.  That was my inside voice for heaven’s sake.  You know me; I’m usually very measured and predictable. 

Okay, I’m mostly a creature of habit, and routine plays into much of what I do.  But I’m running out of patience and perhaps time.  The more I try and establish more or less a ‘normal life’, another trial or affliction besets me.  I’m starting to take it personally which deep down I know I shouldn’t, but I’m just sayin….

According to the medical profession aging, lifestyle if one has a life, weight, drinking, smoking, stress, and sleep deprivation all play a role in our general health.  I shouldn’t be surprised with my demise given I’m engaged to all of the above.  Even social ills factors into this.  Low income, poverty, and dwelling environments are all contributing to my decomposition.  I don’t have an f-ing chance!  

Well, I’m not going to sit here and just accept the inevitable!  I’m going to write a strongly worded letter and make somebody pay!  If I go down I’m bringing two or three of you with me.  I understand it’s not fair but neither is the assault on my temple. 

I’m going back to the Hunter-Gatherer in earnest.  I’ll begin swimming daily end of this month.  I’ll not quit drinking (my daily 10 shots of Vodka) per se’ rather will cut back and return to wine. 

I’ve made an appointment to be de-loused as well as consult a certified Arborist in how best to rid myself of the fungus.  Short of setting myself on fire, I WILL BE PURGED and like a long lost friend revenant and renewed I will again be ready to join the fray.