IS THERE LIFE AFTER BOOZE?…..zuki ponders conditioned behavior

Good Morning Timeservers,

I trust this deflated sagging sack of crusted caterwaul finds you refreshed and ready to face another week of uncertainty. In case anyone was wondering about my weekend I’ve decided to take the high road and come directly to the point.

I’m currently working on perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever produced and I’ve made a lot of odd things since my return to clay. I’m attempting to build standing ‘hat racks’ that are both functional as well as unique. The rough sketch below is to simply suggest what it will look like generally and not the finished piece.

The thing atop the piece is a woman’s high heel shoe to make it around 5 ft in height and hopefully a showpiece.

I was working in my studio last Saturday and a significant number of people were being led around by Linda who owns Prism Workspaces. There are about 40 artists’ studios but there’s also little businesses running every day so I look forward to the weekend as its quiet and I crank my music up to “Ramming Speed.”

The group consisted of 4 men and 4 women and finally got to my door. Given I was the only one there they were interested in talking to me about my work. Talking about my art is one of the more enjoyable tasks for me and if your shtick is good it can go a long way in selling one’s work.

The married couple enjoyed talking about the finished work but then asked me what I was working on now. I told them I intended it to be ‘hat racks’ but could only show them my sketches and greenware sections nothing yet assembled. Evidently, the couple owns a gallery downtown Colorado Springs and are interested in showing my work once I actually figure out how to build these things, so I’m excited about that. They’re asking for photos once I get a few made looking to exhibit toward the end of the year.

“Now for something completely different.”

Day six (6) of sobriety finds my liver in the fetal position and I’ve already snapped at a co-worker for trying to help me! Jeez. I had a date last Saturday (first in 3 years) and drank two glasses of wine but comparatively insignificant.

I’m having a mild withdrawal symptom which is a pleasant surprise. The worst hallucinations were things on the bathroom floor that seemed to be moving around but was certainly no LSD trip!

I’d rather be drinking!

I’ve already received a text from one of the Maggot faithful asking about being MIA. Thankfully I had an Easter celebration dinner at my former residence as a legitimate alibi.  However, moving forward it will become apparent to most that pounding vodka is an activity I can live without and must change my routine if I’m to live to see a couple more rotations.

I’ve been through this before and if I’m to be taken seriously I MUST remove myself from my ‘comfort zone’ and stay strong or implode like Kendall Jenner’s chest.

I apologize for this sober addition of this our humble forum. As the two or three of you still reading this Zugzwang will attest; the machinations typically associated with these humble efforts have been a struggle.

I suspect I’ve fallen prey to “Impaired visuocortical discrimination learning of socially conditioned stimuli in social anxiety.” Having said this, I do mean well…