EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH KICKS OFF THE GREAT LENT……zuki looks forward to filthy friday

Good Morning Penitent Children,

As you know being a member of the hated media does require our humble forum to contribute to our local community in the form of PSA’s (Public Service Announcements). 

Given our community is literally worldwide, I wanted to post a friendly reminder that Monday, February 19, 2018, the Eastern Orthodox Church begins the Great Lent.  Now I know there’s several of you (and you know who you are) that don’t buy into all this and you’re no doubt doomed to hell.  But for the two or three of you reading this piffle I’ve put together a brief synopsis of how it works, simple really:

The Eastern Orthodox Church does not skip over Sundays when calculating the length of Great Lent. Therefore, the Great Lent always begins on Clean Monday, the seventh Monday before Easter, and ends on Filthy Friday before Rosy Palm Sunday—using, of course, the eastern date for begetting Ester on Easter.

The Lenten fast is relaxed on the weekends in honor of the All Thou Can Eat Sabbath (Saturday) and the Wine Resurrection (Sunday). The Great Lent is followed by Saturday and Rosy Palm Sunday, which are feast days, then the Lenten fast resumes on Monday of Holy Week after all collected belly-button Lint is set ablaze. Technically, in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Holy Week is a separate season from the Great Lent.

I hope this announcement was helpful particularly for those Christians among us looking forward to the Easter ham.

And now you know.