PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME…….zuki still banned from studio

nike shoesGood Morning Minatory Nipple Clamps,

Week three contained little encouragement and when you consider rent was due this week I’ve been thinking allot about bridge abutments. They become great targets at 90 mph!

On the other side of this grim option is to keep fighting to heal myself! One must believe or perhaps have faith would be a better phrase to express the hope that things will get better. The pain is constant but surprisingly varies in the level of severity. My personal prognosis tells me that the more I use the leg the higher severity of pain….dah!  I’m damn good!

I have a list of physical therapy exercises I should be doing daily and have fallen woefully short of keeping up with these pain filled “thumb screws” proving the value added of seeking the help of a good Physical Therapist. In my case they push me beyond my little comfort zone and will NOT be satisfied until I cry tears of pain!

Pain & suffering aside, I think it’s important to be grateful. In 1968 when the first total knee replacement surgery was performed it was a 50/50 proposition at best. Thankfully the odds of successful TKR are greatly improved.  I don’t wish to be pedantic here, rather simply state the obvious; and other things I’m good at.

All this may not matter anyways as the idiot Kim Jong-un is playing ‘chicken’ with Trump and the South Koreans are protesting the installation of our anti-missile missile system that would at least give them a fighting chance at surviving the first strike! What’s wrong with South Korean’s? Death wish?  Jeez!  Oh, that’s right they objected to the invoice Trump included in the box of directions…

On a happy note…. Bre was able to post my bottles on ETSY so we’ll see……