LESSONS LEARNED FROM ROTTING TREES…….zuki says goodbye just in case

patient and nurseGood Morning Inveterate Friends,

If one takes a stroll through a forest, and pay attention to the sights and sounds flooding your senses you’re likely to find a rotting tree. Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom has a way of sharing the tree’s demise with the entire ecosystem.

Trees normally rot from the inside out.

With the exception of the wind rustling the leaves, I’ve never heard sounds emanating from a tree. Yet there must be some kind of a distress signal because every insect, fungus, and blight beset the struggling tree to expedite its eventual death–and like every living thing, will, in the end, become worm food!

I didn’t intend to be moribund about this, and life isn’t over at 67 rotations, but one can sure see it from here! I’m scheduled for complete knee replacement surgery this Monday 4/17 and is my first trip to a surgeon’s table. I’m scared shitless!

The closer it gets the more fearful I become and my thoughts become morbid. Perhaps for many, death is a welcome relief, but I’m reasonably sure I’m not ready to leave this rock. So after 4 years of fighting with the insurance company, they’ve acquiesced to my demands. Having said this though, it may fall into the category of “being careful what you wish for” but my bone on bone condition is a chronic daily pain, limited mobility, and I blame being a slug on my rotting knee.

I don’t think my fear is unreasonable. I just found an article about an Alabama man suing a large medical complex and a couple of surgeons for amputating his penis while performing a simple circumcision! How the hell does that happen?


As I spend my last weekend surrounded by my art as well as the entire art community, I want to take this opportunity to thank the two or three of you reading this cry for help for supporting my catharsis.

So should you not see another post for a while it’s because I’m probably dead. But I plan to document this Dante’s journey through hell……so stay tuned.