SOMETIMES YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE…..zuki admits to being easy

stripperGood Morning Citizens of Remonstrance,

First of all, I must qualify and state up front, I don’t hate all bureaucrats. Some government workers are conscientious and actually care about their jobs. However, in my world of selling to governmental agencies, this has to be a very small percentage!

I’ve been working with a city in Illinois for eleven months now, and it seems I’m no closer to closing this puppy than my first trip to demonstrate and discuss instrumentation and policy.

In this type of sale, it’s important to locate and motivate someone at the leadership level to become your “coach” or front man within the inner-circle. This person is responsible for keeping the interest level high, and whenever possible keeps the topic in the forefront.

In return, the vendor (me) will spring for bar tabs, dinners, and the occasional stripper. This is age-old, tried and true symbiotic relationship that generally works. This being said, this formula can also bite you in the ass.

My guy in IL., God bless him; comes to the job with good intentions but little follow through. A prime example of this was demonstrated a week before his wedding anniversary. While there, my guy was interested in going to a new strip club outside the city limits in an unincorporated section of town.

This sort of thing opens the door to every single vice known to mankind. My guy is no different from any other guy, except for the fact he understands the dynamic at work here. So I met him at “Bo Bo’s Bodyworks”

Symone is a Goddess! Long sexy legs, large and what appear to be natural breasts that beg to be nuzzled. My guy was immediately drawn to her. She knew it and played him (subsequently me) for everything she could get. I reminded my guy of his position within city government and this could potentially be trouble.

He was smitten; didn’t care and seemed to be throwing caution to the wind, in spite of my admonitions. I just stood by and watched it all unravel. Symone grabbed my guy by his tie and led him to the back room where sometimes deals are made and consummated on the spot. I wished him well and told him I paid for a cab in advance, and he should take advantage of it.

Yesterday, I was browsing the city website to see if my item had made the agenda, the first major step. The very first item on the agenda was the censure and recall of my guy!

Evidently, Symone knew who he was and tried to blackmail him. He refused and called her bluff. The daily newspaper had pictures of their little tryst plastered on the front page. His wife has filed for divorce. His business, ironically a Christian Book Store, is in Chapter 11. All-in-all, a pretty dire situation if ever there was one and this was my coach. Jeez.

I’m reminded of the old saying, “Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence. “ I’m looking for a new coach….any suggestions?