SERIOUS COGS IN WHEEL PAY A PRICE……zuki seeks the stars

horoscopeGood Morning Opportunists,

While most of this prattling on about this or that seldom reaches the ‘meaningful’ file, sometimes the right words connect with the right people. That said, a few of you have expressed disfavor with me because my musings are seldom serious and lack sufficient substance for inquiring minds… Tough shit!

Nobody (as far as I know) puts a gun to their head and is forced to read it, so I must assume the two or three of you reading this crambo gets something from the experience!

Funny thing about my predisposition for piffle is it has always been a double-edged sword. Given the garrulous nature of my communications, at times I’ll stumble into moments of clarity causing either personal or professional relationships to be astonished. Of course, the other edge represents the majority of work the readership has come to tolerate.

Last Thursday I got a note from the President of the company asking to set up a meeting to discuss a proposal I submitted mid-January. These suggestions, in my mind anyways, would take our weakest division and transform it into a multi-million dollar Juggernaut!

However, at this juncture, it doesn’t mean anything more than putting the idea through serious scrutiny, but nevertheless, I’m very pleased. Just like buying a Powerball ticket on Friday, it represents tremendous potential for Saturday. So does my idea. It represents an opportunity for me to once again become a serious cog in the big wheel.

In my euphoria, I decided to jump on the web to collect additional supportive data and inadvertently hit the MSN page containing horoscopes. I paused a second, and in light of what had just transpired, wondered if cosmic forces were at work.

Like most sane people I don’t put much stock in horoscopes and really don’t understand or even care about planetary alignments, but find myself reading them from time to time. I swear on my Sainted Mother’s grave the Leo horoscope below was from yesterday’s paper and listed below verbatim:

“Your innate charm and good manners have brought you good relationships with both co-workers and superiors, and today you might find that this has served you well, Leo. Authority figures may seem a little intimidating, but hang on to your self-confidence. Hard work and dedication have also brought you some corporate kudos. Therefore, it’s quite possible that you might hear of forthcoming career advancement. Onward and upward!”


Not wishing to tempt fate I will go into that meeting armed with market trends, identified verticals, and other data fully prepared to discuss and sell my idea to those in attendance. But just in case, I bought a Powerball ticket!