MILITARY TO DEVELOP END OF DAYS WEAPON…..cush sells soul for pottage

end-of-the-worldGood Morning Avatars,

Everyone (older than 45) remembers the ‘Killing Fields’ of Cambodia. “The Khmer Rouge period (1975-1979) refers to the rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge political party over Cambodia, which the Khmer Rouge renamed as Democratic Kampuchea.

The four-year period saw the death of approximately 2 million Cambodians through the combined result of political executions, starvation, and forced labor. Due to the large numbers, the deaths during the rule of the Khmer Rouge are often considered a genocide, and commonly known as the Cambodian Holocaust or Cambodian Genocide.

“The deportations were one of the markers of the beginning of the Khmer Rouge rule. They demanded and then forced the people to leave the cities and live in the countryside. Phnom Penh populated by 2.5 million people was soon nearly empty. The roads out of the city were clogged with evacuees. Similar evacuations occurred throughout the nation.”

Obviously, these were tough times for Cambodians and I’m reasonably sure most of these people did nothing to deserve the fate forced on them by Pol Pot. Having said this though, “shit happens.” How are we (western civilization) supposed to know when our time is up? This question is posed by street preachers daily. “Are you ready for the second coming?….REPENT SINNERS FOR THE TIME IS NIGH!!

With the exception of the Mayan Calendar that indicated the world was to end December 21, 2012… these predictions fall on deaf ears given the dateless threats. Like the ‘Boy who cried Wolf’ these warnings go unheeded and the messenger is relegated to the idiot file.

Most Anthropologists agree that our great society of academician’s, welfare recipients, and blowhards will collapse from within. I assume then we’ll collectively not have to face our own military and be tossed from our hovels. How will it happen? What will the collapse of life as we know it look like?

Our libraries are filled with authors who’ve speculated an economic catastrophe where only barter and gold have true value and we’re left with dog eat dog. Others are convinced there’s an asteroid or comet with our name on it that takes most of us out instantly leaving an unlucky few to fend off decades of horror. Still, others believe we’ll be taken down by Ebola; not a pretty way to die. The only certainty about this is the fact it’s all uncertain. All this is fine and good, but I say we’ll be going by the wayside slowly, but ironically enough willingly.

Knowing Cush to be a whore, I invested in three shots of Crown Royal and he opened up like Phat Ass Patty eyeing a beer. Insisting he’s not made up his mind yet, but if our boy is to be believed, the U.S. Military has offered our associate $250,000.00 for permission to clone him in both male and female versions for the sole purpose of causing mass suicide!

The plot is insidious! Our enemies will be helpless to defend against Cush Clones. Imagine millions of Cush-like beings programmed to initiate conversations in which the unsuspecting victim has no chance to defend themselves. For the two or three of you still reading this nipple clamp, if Cush corners you in one of his inane stream of conscience monologs, you have two options; 1st is to simply kill him. 2nd is to kill yourself!

I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks thinking about the inevitable end of days. But when you think about it, being driven to suicide is a fitting end for a society that has embraced ‘Jersey Girls!’