“MOM ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST”…..zuki takes a back seat

extreme-grilled-chicken-sandwich-1Good Morning Chosen Ones,

Life’s rich pageant is full if not overflowing with all manner of injustices.  Sure this is probably not a revelation for most of you; nevertheless, it’s time to blow the foam off the Demitasse.  I fully understand that for the two or three of you reading this oblation, the ‘occupy this’ movement was silly and incomprehensible.  Most of us believe if you work hard, good things will happen.

But let’s face it, we are the sum total of a lifetime of decisions both good and bad; “reap what you sow”    biblically speaking.  This isn’t difficult to grasp and I admire those individuals who are self-made; driven to succeed as most of us strive for.  Yet, there are some individuals that even on a level playing field seem to get the little extras in life.

They make me sick.

The over-pour, an extra slice, and the ever popular mint on your pillow seem to happen for a chosen few. They’re blessed with an aura that acts as a magnet pulling ‘nice’ from everyone they meet.  I think all of us know someone like this.  I need not look beyond ‘Curmudgeon Corner’ for an example.  I walked into Blondies the other day and by chance, my friend Joe was there eating a wonderful looking sandwich.  The chicken was thinly cut into narrow slices, while the lettuce was trimmed to frame the lightly toasted freshly baked bread.  The tomato slices and onion were taken from the heart of the red fruit so just the edges appeared beyond the crust.  It was perfect!  I’d never seen the sandwich before and wondered if it was new to the menu.

“Joe what kind of sandwich is that, it really looks good” I drooled.  “It’s a grilled chicken sandwich” he casually replied.  “What!…I’ve had their grilled chicken sandwich before and it never looked like that!.”  He shrugged his shoulders and kept up his frantic pace cheeks stuffed with yummy.  My ‘grilled chicken sandwich’ was a lardaceous partial breast on a raggedy hamburger bun, lettuce sprawling six inches from the bun’s edge, onion and tomato cut a half-inch thick.  It honestly looked like something you’d see at the Rescue Mission!

Look I’m not complaining (too much) but this is simply not fair!  Rest assured I’ll be having a word with the new ownership group about this, but I think you get the idea.  While I can’t blame my friend or the countless others treated better than me because I’d accept an extra slice of affection if offered.

Now you’ll have to excuse me as I must run to the ‘Mission’ to see if ‘seconds’ are available.